Noah Tess

Noah Tess

Noah Tess is a mother to a baby girl, two adorable huskies, and a toy poodle. When she's not busy taking care of her family, she's blogging about the newest pet trends and products. She's a member of the team here at dog cafe, a blog devoted to giving pet parents the best information on keeping their fur babies happy and healthy.

When Noah's daughter was born, her world became infinitely more precious. Her baby was saved by the rescue huskies, she knew she owed them everything. That's why she does so much research into finding the best diets for her toy poodle "toffee" and her huskies, Jack and Snowball.

Noah has a unique perspective on life that comes from being a mom - it's amazing!

April 21, 2022 Food 

10 Best Wet Dog Foods for Senior Dogs to Keep Them Healthy

According to recent studies, one in five dogs is considered a senior citizen by reaching seven years old. As our canine baby ages, their dietary needs change just as ours do. Feeding your dog the wrong type of food at this stage can bode poorly for their health and shorten their lifespan. So, what is […]

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