8 Best Couch Covers for Dogs in 2022

If you got a puppy, then congratulations, you got a family member who will use your furniture as you do. Your companion will sleep, jump and sit on it. And most importantly, we never know when nature will call, and your expensive, elegant couch will be as smelly as dirty socks.

We know you love your house and furniture and your beloved pet too, so to take care of your belongings from your furry friend’s sharp teeth, claws, and paws, you have to take certain precautions. 

So how can you protect your couch, sofas, or chairs from getting torn apart?

The best way is by covering your furniture with a protective couch cover. It will not only save your sofas but will also prolong their life. In addition, it will keep your furniture clean from all kinds of mess.

This article gives you information about the best dog couch covers. After testing, we reviewed top-notch brands and brought the best of all to light.

Let’s read to find the best for your couch!



Best For Durability

Gorilla Grip Couch Slip Cover

  • material: Soft Velvet
  • color: Beige
  • length:15.31in

Best Stretchable Couch

PureFit Couch Sofa Cover

  • material:Spandex
  • color: Chocolate
  • length:12.05in

Most Stylish

Furhaven Reversible Two-Tone Couch cover

  • material: Polyester
  • color:Sofa Buddy Espresso
  • length: 30IN

Most comfortable

Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover

  • material:Polyester
  • color:Sable
  • length:50IN

Best Value

CELINE LINEN Quilted Furniture Protector

  • material:Microfiber
  • color:Green Leaf
  • length:13.7IN

Most Affordable

Elegant Comfort Reversible Furniture Protector

  • material:Cotton
  • color:Chocolate
  • length:12.5IN

Premium quality

Elaine Karen Reversible Chair Furniture Protector

  • material:Microfiber
  • color:Black/Taupe
  • length:14.4IN


Sofa Shield Couch Cover

  • material: Fabric
  • color:Chocolate/Beige
  • length: 68IN

Our Top 8 Picks for the Best Dog Couch Cover

Here are the dog couch covers that made the cut into our bestselling list. This furniture protector will help your couch look new without dog hair or claw marks.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Gorilla Grip Couch Slip Cover

sectional couch covers for dogs

Gorilla grip company is a name in itself. It is known for providing high-quality and long-lasting products. Our top pick is also from a renowned gorilla store.

Gorilla Grip couch cover made with super soft plush velvet has an extra middle layer of thick pads to enhance your pup’s comfort and snugness. In addition, it has a patent-pending strap design that provides a gorilla grip to your couch cover and keeps it in place.

As evident from the name, the Gorilla grip slip couch has an anti-slip back cover that won’t let your pooch slide from the sofa. It also has an additional feature of repelling all kinds of mess and dog hair to keep your sofa clean and hygienic. This sofa cover is all you need to protect your sofa of width up to 70 inches.

Moreover, it has a stylish and elegant quilted texture that gives it a luxurious look. It is also easy to clean.

sectional couch covers for pets


  • Made with plush velvet
  • Machine washable couch cover
  • Water-resistant
  • 2 durable straps and hooks
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Best for sofa seat of width upto 70 inches


  • Many pet owners love this thick and extra soft sofa cover. They mention that their dogs love sitting on it and find it soothing and comfortable.
  • Many reviews suggest that this pet cover does its job well. Unlike most couch covers, it doesn’t slip or slide, and the mess-resistant fabric repels pet hair and even food crumbs.


  • If you over-stretch, the straps will break. 
Testers Verdict

Our team loved this pet couch cover. The testers claim that the non-slip backing works amazingly, which is a significant investment. However, they all are amazed by the 10-year warranty and love its ease of cleaning and maintenance.

However, some team members added that it should have been more stretchable for large sofas, but overall they gave it the top score.

Gorilla Grip Couch Slip Cover

The price of “Gorilla Grip Couch Slip Cover” varies, so check the latest price at

2. PureFit Couch Sofa Cover

pet furniture covers for sectionals

The runner is the Purefit couch cover. This furniture protector is made with innovative stretchy material and fabric that could fit over any size of the sofa, from medium to large.

The fabric is tear-resistant and extra soft, made with “spandex material.” In addition, it comes with nonskid elastic bottom and nonslip foam anchors to hold your sofa cover in place. This slipcover will transform your worn-out sofa into a new one within seconds.

Moreover, this easy-going couch cover is a breeze to install and maintain. It will protect your leather sofas from wear and tear and accidental slips.


  • Available in many colors
  • Machine washable slipcover
  • Made with spandex and polyester
  • Nonskid elastic bottom
  • Premium non-slip foam anchors
  • Cover three-seater sofa completely 


  • Many dog owners highly recommend this super soft, smooth, and durable textured fleece fabric sofa cover because it is easy to maintain.
  • It will stay in place because of the non-slip foam anchors with no snag, wrinkle, shift or slip even after sitting or taking a nap.


  • Some of the buyers found it heavy on pocket. 
Testers Verdict

Our team praised the couch protector for its slip-resistant backing and stretchable ability to cover and transform the whole couch. It is excellent for everyday wear and tears. They love the fit and were impressed by its durability.

However, some members complained that it was a little pricy than other sofa covers. But overall, it is an excellent sofa cover for hyperactive dogs and kids.

PureFit Couch Sofa Cover

The price of “PureFit Couch Sofa Cover ” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Furhaven Reversible Two-Tone Couch cover

couch covers for pets

In the 3rd place, we have the most stylish couch cover for your little companion. The three sides bolster design gives it a unique look that adds to your furry friend’s comfort. In addition, bolsters also provide orthopedic support for aching joints.

It is made with brush quilted fabric that provides comfort to your pup’s nose and paws. In addition, this reversible sofa coveris waterproof if your pup peeps on the sofa. The anchors sink between the seats and back seat cushions.


  • Made from thread-free pinsonic quilted fabric and water-repellant protective barrier
  • Designed with cushion anchors
  • Four sizes
  • Reversible sofa cover with two colors
  • Three sides comfortable bolster quilted design 


  • Many pet owners praise its compact design, perfect for car seats, beds, and other surfaces like couches.
  • Many pets find it soothing as it is their designated seat, and they become accustomed to it, making it an excellent choice for nesting dogs. Many trainers recommend this for simple pet training.
  • It is made with recycled material, making it a popular choice among greenwashing community.


  • Buyers complain that it is not suitable for large dogs.
  • The elastic straps are not so durable.
Testers Verdict

Our team members like the reversible design and that it is machine friendly. Many said that it is effortless to adjust. You can fasten it between the couch cushions. However, the quality of the straps is questionable.

Furhaven Reversible Two-Tone Couch cover

The price of “Furhaven Reversible Two-Tone Couch cover” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover

best sofa covers for dogs

The Sure Fit Deluxe is one of the most comfortable pet furniture covers. This protective layer is made from polyester. This slipcover has a long backdrop for dogs who love to jump on sofas.

This super-deluxe cover is machine washable; the nonslip quilted luxurious protection sheet has the innovative odor-reducing technology that resists odor for lifelong freshness. 


  • Machine washable couch cover
  • Non-slip backing with longer arms
  • Extra-long backdrop
  • Actifresh odor-reducing technology
  • Sofa and back width 76
  • 30 days money back guaranty


  • This highly recommended deluxe couch cover looks luxurious and protects your furniture from stains, wear and tear, and dog fur.
  • Many pet owners praise the odor resisting technology, which keeps it smelling fresh between washes.


  • It has a higher price point than many other couch covers.
Testers Verdict

Our testers say that this multi-purpose pet couch cover works great on leather and other upholstery fabric. This expensive furniture cover is best for your expensive couch.

Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover

The price of “Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover” varies, so check the latest price at

5. CELINE LINEN Quilted Furniture Protector

best couch covers for pets

As evident from the name, the Celine linen cover is made from linen, microfiber that is as soft as Egyptian cotton. This furniture protector is a fashionable reversible cover option on our list. It is famous for the value it provides at a budget-friendly range. 

It has a longer back quilted cover to keep it in place when a dog jumps on the couch. The adjustable elastic straps keep it snug and fit.

Moreover, the high-quality fabric protects your furniture from dirt, debris, pet hair, pet smell, and spill incidents.

waterproof couch cover for pets


  • Made with microfiber, linen
  • Dirt-resistant polyester
  • Available in 14 fashionable designs
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • It fits most sofas up to 92.’


  • The reviews suggest that customers like the reversible design and the variable color options.
  • The quality and water-resistant nature make it a popular choice among pet parents.
  • Dogs seem to find it very comforting.


  • This cover is not suitable for leather couches.
Testers Verdict

The testers love the sofa arms and longer back. They find it to be a fantastic budget-friendly option. However, some complain that the sizing chart is not accurate.

CELINE LINEN Quilted Furniture Protector

The price of “CELINE LINEN Quilted Furniture Protector” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Elegant Comfort Reversible Furniture Protector

pet covers for sectionals

Protect your couch with this unique reversible andstylish protective cover made from a highly durable material, polyester. The soil-resistant fabric repels all kinds of dirt and mess. The name suggests that this sofa cover is known for its elegant and voguish designs.

This sofa shield is an excellent choice for an oversized loveseat


  • Made from 100% polyester, thick microfiber
  • Reversible, with quilted slip
  • Water repellent finish
  • Machine friendly
  • Adjustable straps
  • Fits most loveseats up to 70″ long


  • Customers admire the budget-friendly price of this cover.
  • It works to repel your dog’s hair.
  • Dog owners find it easy to clean and maintain. 
  • This couch protector is machine washable. 


  • Many customers complain that it is not suitable for leather sofa.
Testers Verdict

Our tester dogs tested their sharp claws on it, and unfortunately, the sofa cover could not withstand the tear-proof test, so if you have a heavy chewer, avoid this couch. However, it is an excellent option for users looking for economic couch covers.

Elegant Comfort Reversible Furniture Protector

The price of “Elegant Comfort Reversible Furniture Protector” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Elaine Karen Reversible Chair Furniture Protector

sectional sofa covers for pets

Elaine Karen is a quilted reversible chair cover. It is made with soft microfiber, which is easy to maintain. In addition, it contains anti-allergic material for sensitive dog owners and their furry friends.

It is good to use on any leather chair and other furniture. The elastic straps of this cover provide elasticity for better grip on sofas and to keep themselves in the place. It can be washed in a machine but cannot be dried. 


  • Made with microfiber
  • Machine washable
  • Feature elastic straps
  • Anti-allergic 
  • Water-resistant couch cover
  • Chair protector 
  • Height 75”, width 65”. Includes 22” armrest


  • The anti-allergic nature makes it a popular choice amongst pet parents who have sensitive dogs.
  • The adjustable elastic straps make it a suitable choice for all kinds of fabric and leather sofas.


  • The buyers complain that the couch cover starts to slide.
Testers Verdict

Our testers with small breeds give excellent reviews about it. They like the material of the cover and mention that it looks great. However, many complain that the sizing chart is misleading.

Elaine Karen Reversible Chair Furniture Protector

The price of “Elaine Karen Reversible Chair Furniture Protector” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Sofa Shield Couch Cover

couch cover for dogs

The sofa shield couch cover comes with plush microfiber that is strong and durable, making it tear-resistant. It has a patented zinc alloy hook for extraordinary grip between the cover and sofa. In addition, its high-quality fabric does not allow it to slip even if you sleep on the couch.

The couch cover helps keep dog hair and messes off your furniture. The long side flaps help protect hard-to-clean arms. However, the adjustable straps make it hard to move to protect your couch. This couch protector is available in a range of sizes and color patterns.


  • Tear-resistant quilt cover
  • Ultra-soft and plush premium microfiber
  • Zinc alloy hooks
  • Reversible design
  • Water-resistant pet furniture cover
  • Offers 70-inch seat width


  • Many buyers love the great combination of elegant design, ease of use and cleaning, sufficient furniture surface protection, and a very friendly price tag and recommend it highly.
  • Many fur balls approve this considerable size comfortable furniture protector.


  • The only complaint is that this sofa protector is unsuitable for leather furniture.
Testers Verdict

Our testers appreciated the size of this sofa shield which is undoubtedly more significant than other couch covers. They also liked the firm grip of the cover alongside admiring the quality of the fabric.

Sofa Shield Couch Cover

The price of “Sofa Shield Couch Cover” varies, so check the latest price at

What to Look for When Buying a Pet Couch Cover

When shopping for pet couch covers, make sure you look for these specifications to get the best sofa protector.

Water Resistance

The sofa cover must be water-resistant to avoid messy accidents like water slips or your dog’s muddy paws. It helps to protect the entire couch from any kind of mishap.

It is better to find a dog couch cover made with waterproof material like Furhaven Reversible Two-Tone Couch cover and many more that we have reviewed.

Easy to Clean

The cover should be easy to clean, the fabric should be stain-resistant, and it would be excellent if the cover is machine washable.

Material and Fabric

Always look for firm, long-lasting, durable material and fabric. Avoid cheap materials because the low-quality couch covers get torn apart in days.

Look for something soft and plush, so your dog likes and feels comfortable.


There are so many stylish designs available in the market. You can choose anything that matches your aesthetics and what your puppy loves.

Most covers are reversible or stretchable. Some even have foam padding for a premium-quality feel.

Size and Measurements

Take proper measurements of your couch size and seat width to find your sofas’ correct size. And read the size chart carefully, so you don’t have any trouble fitting your pet furniture cover.

The entire cover should be able to fit the couch perfectly.


What Size Dog Couch Cover Should I Get?

  • It depends on the size of your furniture. Always measure your sofa, couch, or chair to find the best fit.
  • If you have an oversized sofa, you might have to invest in a higher price point couch cover.

How Do I Wash My Couch Covers for Dogs?

Look at the washing instructions. If you can machine wash it, then it is easy. Just put it in the machine.

However, if the instructions say that you have to hand wash it, then take a tub, soak the cover in the water and some pet-safe detergent ( I have added a link, but we can write about this and add ours), and leave the cover for an hour or two. All the dirt and debris will be washed away. After that, you can rinse the cover 1 or 2 times, squeeze the water out, and spread it out to dry.


The most fantastic thing about finding the best couch covers is that they keep your furniture safe, prolong their life, and help train your dog to reduce unwanted behavior like chewing or clawing on furniture.

We hope that this article has helped you find the best couch cover for your sofas or chairs. If you want to protect your car seats from your furry companions, head over to Best Dog Car Seat Coversto find outhow you can save your car seats. Let us know if you have another question in the comment box

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