8 Best Dog Booties for Dog’s Paws – Review 2022

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You may ask why on earth would dogs need boots? Don’t they have padded paws that provide them with nature’s built-in insole! But the question is, do their paws provide them as much comfort as we think they do?

Dog boots are not just a fashion trend, but they also protect your pup’s paws, whether it’s muddy roads after rain, hot pavement in summers, cold snow in winters, or just a hike in the mountains. They also shield them from getting injured from icy and rough terrains.

As responsible and caring pet parents, you should always invest in a quality dog boot to keep your dog safe from extreme temperatures.

Today, we will help you pick out the best dog boots for your furry friends. We will categorize them according to most dogs’ needs and discuss what is so good about them.

Let’s go.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Boots

Here are our top 8 picks for the best dog boots. This will help you find the perfect dog boot for your little pup’s precious paws. So for whatever reason you are looking for them, you will find the right dog boots here. Keep reading!

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Best For Durability

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

  • Size: Small
  • material: Neoprene
  • color: Black

Best For Hiking

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

  • size: small
  • material: Mesh
  • color: Blue Spring

Most Budget-Friendly

PAWZ Dog Boots

  • size: small
  • material: Natural rubber
  • color: Red

Best For Snow

Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots

  • size: Small
  • material: Nylon, Leather
  • color: Red

Best For Rain

Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

  • size: small
  • material: waterproof material
  • color: Black

Best For Hiking

Muttluks Snow Mushers

  • size: Medium
  • material: Nylon, Rubber
  • color: Blue

Best For Medium-Sized Dogs

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Dog Shoes

  • size: Large
  • material: Rubber
  • color: Red

Most Durable Dog Boots

Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes

  • size: Medium
  • material: Faux Leather
  • color: Chili Red

1. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Dog Boots

Neoprene Paw Dog Boots

The Bark Brite’s all-weather dog boots fight for the best spot, perfect for every weather condition. They are made with breathable neoprene fabric in the shape of a dog’s paws.

They provide strong traction and are made with rubber soles that make them water-resistant. In addition, they have an adjustable strap and reflective strips on them. Moreover, the heal pad provides the perfect durability for all temperatures.

Its versatility and the ability to be so adaptable in all weathers make it the best choice.

booties for dogs paws


  • Best for adults small dogs
  • Made with neoprene and rubber
  • Hand wash
  • Reflective velcro straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-skid sole


  • These are tried and tested by many pups, and they approved it with their protected paws.
  • Many owners who love hiking said it provides an excellent grip on rugged terrains.
  • Neoprene allows the water to pass through but still filters out any harmful or sharp things.


  • Buyers say that it is not machine washable.

Testers Verdict

Our tester loved this product. However, they said that it’s a significant investment and you don’t have to buy separate booties for summer and winter. Some liked that it was just water-resistant, but others suggested that they should be waterproof dog shoes. However, overall they gave it the best ratings.

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

The price of ” Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Ruffwear Grip

If you are a certified professional dog trainer and a hiker, these are the booties for your athletic fur baby. These Grip Trex Ruffwear provides the best traction on hard-to-stand surfaces so your dog won’t slip or slide.

Almost all the dogs have different front and back paw sizes, so Grip Trex comes in with 2 pairs, separate for both front and back paws. These are great to use on icy tracks. However, when you first buy them, your dog’s boots might be a little hard, and you have to break them in. Try twisting and turning or blowing hot air from the hairdryer after stuffing them in with socks so that they are comfortable from the start when your dog first steps in them.

Moreover, these are light enough to be used in summers too. These are our favorite dog hiking booties.

best dog boots for hiking


  • Gusset design
  • Velcro straps
  • Reflective trims
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Vibram non-marking outsoles
  • Machine washable


  • Pet owners who love hiking, backpacking, and biking highly approve of these Grip Trex dog shoes.
  • Dogs find them comfortable and are happy that these booties give a secure fit for their paw sets, unlike many other dog boots.
  • They are tear-resistant and durable, and the gusset design makes them a breeze to put on.


  • Buyers only complain that Grip Trex is not very budget-friendly.

Testers Verdict

Our testers were thrilled about its 2 separate pair feature and said that it didn’t disappoint them, they were easy to put on, they did the best in protecting the paws on all types of terrains, they kept everything out, and provided the snuggest fit to both pair of paws.

They also recommended them because they are easy to clean and have reflective trimming. These have the 2nd best paw rating from our team members.

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

The price of ” Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

3. PAWZ Dog Boots

PAWZ Dog Boots

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on the quality, Pawz boots are for you. They do everything a premium bootie does for a fraction of the price.

The Pawz rubber dog boots come in a pack of 12, which you can use all around the year. They give protection from the summer heat and icy winter. They are durable and long-lasting, and when you need to replace them, you have already got another pair.

They are made from 100 percent natural rubber, so the rubber sole provides complete protection in rainy weather.

shoes for dog walking


  • Natural feeling
  • Protection against germs and dirt
  • Disposable but reusable
  • Biodegradable
  • Hand wash only
  • Waterproof


  • Pet owners love Pawz dog boots, and many review them as the best budget-friendly option.
  • They are eco-friendly and made naturally—even the dogs like wearing them.
  • Pawz dog boots shield the dog’s paws, but they are also helpful in keeping your home dirt and germ-free.
  • They are waterproof boots making them perfect for beach walks.


  • Many buyers don’t like that these everyday boots are not machine washable.
  • Some dogs don’t like the fit around the ankle because it is restrictive.

Testers Verdict

Testers gave it good reviews, and they said that they are easy to clean and effortless to use. In addition, they don’t weigh the pet’s paws like others. Pawz rubber dog boots are one of the most affordable options.

PAWZ Dog Boots

The price of “PAWZ Dog Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots

Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots-Review

Muttluks dog boots give the best paw protection during the icy winters. The fleece lining gives optimal comfort and protection from winter hazards like snow, ice, slippery surfaces, and salt. In addition, the innovative breathable nylon provides complete safety from water.

The windproof leather soles go up to the front shield from cold weather. The soles are treated beforehand, meaning you don’t need to break in these shoes. You just have to put them on your pet’s paws and start your run.


  • Leather soles with inner fleece lining
  • Reflective strips
  • Self-tightening straps
  • Reusable mesh bag packaging


  • Many customers recommend these original all-weather Muttluks and say that these winter dog boots keep their dog’s paws dry even on the snowiest roads.
  • The dogs love these because they shield their paws from cracking.
  • The self-tightening straps provide the most secure fit.


  • Many buyers complain about the high price point

Testers Verdict

Our team of dog walkers who live in colder regions approved these. They were happy that these were machine friendly, they come in four pairs, and they have reflective patches that are a lifesaver in low light weather conditions. However, they said that it doesn’t provide the grip it claims. But overall, these are great for extreme cold.

Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots

The price of ” Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots-Best for snow” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

small dog boots

If you live in regions where it rains a lot, the Expawlorer waterproof dog boots are for you. A dog’s paw pads are comfortable and dry.

The two velcro straps provide the snuggest fit around your dog’s leg. They are great to use during daytime and nighttime because of the reflective patches.

The durable dog shoes are flexible and slip-resistant, perfect for muddy roads. Moreover, the grooved soles give better control to your dog.


  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Reflective lines
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Hand washable
  • Flexible lug design
  • Waterproof and skid-resistant


  • Dogs who love water love these shoes, as they don’t slip on wet surfaces and give excellent grip.
  • They are suitable for winters, heavy rain, and rocky surfaces.
  • The rubber sole gives paw protection in winter weather. In addition, pet owners love the fit it provides.


  • Many buyers complain that the sizing guidelines are hard to figure out.

Testers Verdict

Our testers said the Expawlorer waterproof dog boots provide the best grip on slippery floors than all the boots they have tried. However, that also causes an issue with the dewclaws.

Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

The price of “Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Muttluks Snow Mushers

MUTTLUKS, Snow Mushers Winter Dog Boots

These good pair of rugged dog shoes are for adventurous pet lovers. Dog walking on a rocky surface is different than on city carpeted roads. The Snow Mushers are made to be blizzard proof, waterproof, and slip-proof.

They protect the paw pad from getting cracked in winters. In addition, dogs feel comfortable and warm with the fleece lining.

The innovative multi-direction flex soles give better control on uneven surfaces and safely protect dog paws.

best dog boots for winter


  • Fleece inner lining
  • Flexible, rugged rubber soles
  • Extra-large opening 
  • Adjustable strap
  • Reflective accents
  • Machine washable


  • The hikers recommend these dog boots and give positive reviews that they are tough on terrains and soft on paws.
  • The rubber sole shields the paw pads from harm, and the nylon is waterproof.
  • The active and athletic dogs love their walks in this shoe. The innovative technology gives it a barefoot feel.


  • Dogs with dewclaw problems don’t like the placement of the two velcro straps.

Testers Verdict

Our team approved this good dog boot. They said the quality is excellent, and the reflective liners and the traction trimming are a great addition. Moreover,  they loved the extra-large opening, making taking them on and off a breeze.

Muttluks Snow Mushers

The price of “Muttluks Snow Mushers” varies, so check the latest price at

7. QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Dog Shoes

dog shoes for small dogs

If you have difficulty finding boots for your medium-sized dogs, the Qumy dog boots are for you. They come in four sets for your cute little dog’s paw pads.

They are easy to put on and great for daily walks. This durable and affordable shoe is suitable for all weather conditions.

They come in 7 different colors and designs to choose the best for your dog’s personality. The ruggedness provides a firm grip on slippery surfaces. The extended design makes it comfortable for your dog’s leg.


  • Reflective accents
  • Durable velcro strap
  • Water repellent
  • Stylish and fashionable shoe design
  • Not machine washable


  • The small dogs love the comfort and snug fit of these dog boots.
  • Buyers admire the stylish embroidery design and reflective accents.
  • The adjustable velcro strips and anti-slip rubber sole saves the dog’s paw.


  • Owners don’t like that you have to hand wash them.

Testers Verdict

Our testers with small dogs admired the fashion-forward design. They said that the fit is excellent, even for the back paws. However, these dog boots are water repellent, but you can’t use them in deep water or sand.

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Dog Shoes

The price of “QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Dog Shoes” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes

boot for dogs paw

These all-season dog shoes are the most durable. However, they won’t wear and tear easily if you use them. The outer nylon mesh is breathable and lightweight.

The soles are designed in a way that they mimic the dog’s paw. The ankle cord lock provides the snuggest fit. The synthetic leather uppers shield them from cold winds.

They can be used on any terrain and weather. The reflective accents are excellent in low-light conditions.


  • Faux leather
  • Made for active dogs
  • Water repellent
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Reflective accents


  • Customers love the durable and affordable design of the dog boots.
  • Pups love wearing such a flexible bootie.
  • The double closure system and the ankle cord ensure that they won’t come off quickly.


  • These dog boots need spot clean only and are not machine washable.

Testers Verdict

The owners that have stubborn dogs rave about these dog boots, as they don’t come off quickly, so eventually, dogs get used to them. However, the sizing is tricky, so be careful when measuring your dog’s paw width.

Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes

The price of ” Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes-Most durable dog boots” varies, so check the latest price at

Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Dog Booties for Dog’s Feet?

When you are out in the market or shopping online, always look for these features that will help you find the perfect dog boot for your dog feet.

Sizing and Proper Fit

Sizing is the trickiest part when buying shoes for your dog’s feet. It’s unlikely you can get them on to see the fit before buying. So instead, it’s better to measure your dog’s paws for a snug fit perfectly. Most dog boots brands have a sizing chart and a guide to help you measure your dog’s paws.

Dog boot sizes differ from breed to breed and brand to brand. It’s always better to measure according to a dog boot brand’s sizing instructions. If the dog shoes don’t fit properly, they can cause injury to the dog’s toes or dew claws.

Material and Water Resistance

The material should be of high quality to be durable, tear-resistant, water-resistant, and provide a secure fit. Moreover, it should be breathable.

Materials like nylon and a breathable mesh are suitable for hot climate regions, while the polyester lining is more appropriate for cold weather.

Traction and Comfortability

Give your dog the most comfortable bootie that provides the best traction for them. This is important if you are a certified professional dog trainer who loves to go on mountain climbing and hiking with your beloved dog.

You know that mountainous regions demand more traction. You need anti-slip soles and rugged boots to protect your dog from getting cracked paws on such trails. The extra grip can be life-saving,


Most dog boots have a hook or loop closure with the velcro strap. The velcro straps make it easy for putting on the dog shoes and for a secure fit. Some have zippers, drawstrings, or buttons. Some also have reflective straps. They help them to be visible in the dark.


When Do Dogs Need Boots?

Dogs need boots when they live in extreme weather conditions, like sizzling hot weather when everything is melting or bone-chilling weather, which causes everything to freeze. Dogs can’t walk on hot pavements or ice without getting their paws hurt. So it’s better to get them booties.

Moreover, they also come in handy during rainy weather or when you want to go on a hike, they will keep your dog’s feet dry and shelter their paws on rough terrain.

In winters, the dog boots provide protection from cracked paws or ice and salt balls between their paws that can cause discomfort, irritation, and in worst cases, frostbite.

Do Dogs like Wearing Booties in Summer?

Most dogs like wearing boots in summer as the weather is scorching, and the dog booties protect their paws from the blazing hot asphalt pavement.

Only dogs who don’t live in extreme weather conditions don’t like wearing booties, as their paws are padded enough for the comfort they need.

How Do I Get My Dog’s Booties to Stay On?

Make sure your dog doesn’t feel too uncomfortable or hot, check for the correct dog boots size, and make sure it fits your pet snuggly enough that it won’t fall off.

It takes time for dogs to get used to the boots but remember, slow and steady wins the race. As loving dog owners, always show compassion and patience when training your dog for the better. Give your dog time to adjust to any change.

Ultimately, your smart pup will understand the use of these and wear them happily.

What Is the Best Alternative to Dog Boots?

If for any reason, you don’t want dog boots or your dog is too stubborn to wear them, you can use Musher’s Secret paw wax. This wax does all the magic the dog boots do, and they provide complete protection from rugged trails, slippery floors, and icy snowmelt, much like leather soles.

Musher’s secret wax is made with high-quality ingredients that provide protection and restore and nourish your pup’s precious paws. It also keeps the paws comfortable and dry.


Dog boots are essential for dogs, and they save the dog’s paw pads from getting harmed. In addition, they are appropriate accessories for extreme weather conditions such as scorching pavements in warm weather, snowy, icy, and salty roads in winters, and rain and mud in monsoon.

Dog boots are great for daily wear because they protect your home from germs, dirt, and furniture from claw marks.

Moreover, they shield the paw pads from cracking in harsh winter from salty icy roads and save them from a terrible rash.

If you are looking for some paw washers to clean your dog’s paw then check out our article Best Paw Washers and Cleaners

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