Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers?

can dogs eat graham crackers with honey

When the dogs see their owners eating graham crackers, they might want some and look at their parents with longing eyes. It becomes difficult for the pet owners to resist, but before feeding this snack to the dogs, they must search if it is safe for their canine friends.

To answer the question, ‘Can a dog eat graham crackers,’ we can say yes, they can safely eat Graham crackers in moderation until and unless they are plain and contain no chocolate or xylitol. Let’s dive into the details about the graham crackers and how safe or unsafe these are for the dogs.

What Are Graham Crackers?

Graham crackers are popular human snacks, especially in the United States. These crackers are named Graham crackers after the name of Graham flours. The only difference between this flour and whole wheat flour is that the Graham flour is more coarsely grounded.

Graham crackers are made with flour, salt, oil, shortening, molasses, brown sugar, lard, cinnamon, honey, or some ingredients for extra flavor.

can dogs have graham crackers

Can a Dog Eat Graham Crackers?

The most popular human snack, Graham crackers, is mainly meant for human consumption. However, they can be given to dogs occasionally only by following the rule of moderation. As excess of everything is harmful, a small quantity of Graham crackers is okay. Still, a large portion can lead to many potential health hazards for dogs like obesity, diabetes, and heart issues.

Are Graham Crackers Good for Dogs?

Graham crackers offer no potential nutritional benefit but cause many detrimental effects on a dogs health. They are non-toxic only if they are consumed occasionally and in moderation. A dog only requires natural carbohydrates to survive. But feeding him with sugary food items like Graham crackers can make him diabetic. Graham crackers are rich in sugar and high-calorie food, resulting in an unhealthy weight gain, leading to obesity.

Moreover, excess sugar consumption is also not good for dogs’ teeth as they may rot, leading to cavities or tooth decay. Graham crackers also have a prominent percentage of salt and sodium in it. Excess sodium intake can affect the functions of the kidneys, which leads to many other health issues like skin and eye problems.

Dogs must abstain from Graham crackers if they are allergic to wheat flour. A solution to this problem is to switch to grain-free graham crackers for dogs.

Are Graham Crackers Bad for Dogs?

The graham crackers are made with wheat flour, and some dogs are allergic to them. If you are unsure about it, give your dog a small size of cracker and watch for the signs of allergic reactions that include sneezing, itching, or scratching.

You must look at the ingredients in the list. If sugar is the top ingredient, it will provide more harm than a benefit and result in diabetes, dental issues, obesity, heart disease, or weight gain.

It is also bad for dogs with wheat allergy or gluten intolerance. It can harm a dog’s digestive system. Most importantly, xylitol (artificial sweetener) is very harmful to dogs and used in many snacks. You must be sure that the graham cracker you are intended to feed your dog should not include this toxic ingredient.

Can Dogs Eat Honey Graham Crackers?

can dogs eat honey graham crackers

Honey graham crackers are safe for dog consumption if they eat in small quantities. The honey maid graham crackers are made with honey, sugar, syrup, etc. The foods with added sugar are not good for the dog’s health, so you should avoid regularly giving him the crackers.

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Graham Crackers?

Cinnamon is not toxic to most dogs. Dogs who are not allergic to cinnamon can safely eat cinnamon graham crackers. The high amount of sugar and carbs in graham crackers are not good for dogs if consumed in large quantities. However, you can feed your dog cinnamon graham crackers as an occasional treat.

can dogs eat cinnamon graham crackers

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Graham Crackers?

There is much less amount of chocolate in the graham crackers that do not pose much harm to your pet. However, any food containing chocolate, cocoa powder, or caffeine is harmful to dogs. Chocolate contains theobromine chemical, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, internal bleeding, and muscle tremors in dogs. However, giving your dog chocolate graham crackers is not recommended to avoid health issues.

graham crackers for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter Graham Crackers?

Peanut butter is a popular choice for many people and dogs. Some pet owners use peanut butter while making dog treats as it is a good source of protein. However, a small amount of peanut butter graham crackers won’t harm your dog.

can my dog eat graham crackers

Can Dogs Eat Gluten-Free Graham Crackers?

The gluten-free graham crackers are a safe choice for many dogs, including those having gluten intolerance. Dogs can safely eat them if they are free of other toxic ingredients like xylitol. You need to be sure not to overfeed these crackers to your pup.

are graham crackers ok for dogs

Nutritional Value

As discussed before, the graham crackers do not provide enough nutritional value to keep your canine friends healthy. These are just the sweet treats that many dog owners can use for training purposes.

Let’s look at the ingredients and their nutritional value in detail.


Carbohydrates are natural sugars that provide energy to the body to survive. Wheat is a rich source of carbohydrates. A dog’s digestive system is small and simple. It can not be overstrained. They can break natural sugar as carbohydrates into simple units to gain energy to live. But feeding dogs sugary foods causes strain on their digestive system and negatively affects their health.

Graham crackers contain too many calories and breaking down carbohydrates results in overconsumption of calories which is way too unhealthy.


can dog eat graham crackers

Wheat is the richest source of carbohydrates. It is the most consumed grain all over the world. Starch, one of the complex sugars, accounts for the major portion of wheat. The breakdown of starch results in simple sugars, hence, boosting the blood sugar level. So, excessive intake of sugar causes diabetes. But the determination of starch’s effect on blood sugar levels depends on its digestibility.

Moreover, gluten is also a constituent of wheat grain and can cause serious health hazards to dogs because of gluten intolerance. The Graham cracker’s main ingredient is wheat, so these can be offered to dogs as occasional treats instead of a regular snack.


Dogs do not require as much sugar as we humans do. There are two types of sugar; fructose and granulated. We get fructose sugar from natural food like fruits, and it is safe for consumption, while granulated sugar is the added sugar that causes many health issues.

Many snacks, including some types of graham crackers, contain too much sugar, which is not beneficial for the dogs. In the United States, there are about 50% of dogs who are prone to obesity. If you feed your dogs with much-granulated sugar, it can cause issues like diabetes, weight gain, cavities, and more.

dogs eat graham crackers

Final Thoughts

There are many healthy alternatives to graham crackers, such as apples, pineapples, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. These are all-natural human foods that provide many health benefits to your dog without harming his health. It is recommended not to feed your dog graham crackers very often to avoid possible health problems.

Many popular brands offer healthy snacks that are specially formulated to fulfill the dogs’ nutritional requirements. You must be sure to give your dog natural food, or commercial dog treats to maintain his overall health. But if you want to try some new food for your pup, always consult your vet to see if the food is safe for dog consumption and then give him after his recommendation.

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