Can You Use Human Conditioner on Dogs?

can i use conditioner on my dog

Usually, we love to share our favorite products with our loved ones. But, a challenge arises when that loved one belongs to other specie. 

For instance, I bet while bathing your dog, you must have thought of applying your favorite conditioner on your dog. But suddenly, you are encountered with questions:  Can you use human conditioner on your dog’s fur? What are some other human grooming products that will work best on your dog? Can I apply human products on a dog with sensitive skin? Is it safe to use a human conditioner? What will happen? Will your dog end up with a well-conditioned coat or irritated skin? 

To answer all of your questions, we have created this guide to help you make an informed decision about your favorite canine buddy.

We made this guide with the help of many dog owners, and we want to provide veterinary advice so that your dog won’t suffer any consequences from your ignorance.

Dogs Have Different Skin than Humans

Dogs and humans have a protective layer called the acid mantle. When we wash our skin or pup’s, it also washes away. Bathing products are made to maintain the pH balance of the skin.

The skin of dogs is very different from a human’s. For example, the pH level of a dog is around 6.2 to 7.4. On the other hand, the human epidermis has pH levels of around 5.5.

The human epidermis is slightly acidic, while a pup’s skin is more neutral. Therefore, human shampoos and conditioners can disrupt the pH level of your dog’s skin. The pH imbalance of your dog’s skin can cause skin irritation or infection in the worst case.

Use the Right Conditioner for Your Dog’s Skin!

can i use human conditioner on my dog

It is far better to use products formulated for a pup, like dog shampoos or conditioners. This is because they are designed with pH balanced according to the dog’s skin needs.

Look for dog conditioners free from harsh chemicals, are made with natural ingredients like aloe vera gel and coconut oil, and use a gentle formula to moisturize your dog’s fur and coat.

Most dog conditioners are safe to use on a dog regularly. A healthy coat is soft, shiny, tangle-free, and makes your dog look like stepping out of a professional groomers’ shop.

What Are the Consequences of Using a Human Conditioner on a Dog’s Coat?

If you use a man conditioner on your dog, get ready for the aftermaths mentioned below that can be triggered after using human products on dogs.

Disruption in pH balance

As mentioned above, dogs’ skin pH levels differ from humans’. Therefore, using a human conditioner on a dog can disrupt its skin pH level. 

The pH imbalance can remove the essential acid mantle that prevents bacterial growth. As a result, it can cause infections and lead to other fur issues like a brittle and dry coat. It can also increase shedding in your dog. 

Itchy skin

can you put conditioner on a dog

As the acid mantle washes away, it strips the epidermis of all the natural oils that helps the dog in maintaining a healthy coat. So instead, use aloe vera gel to treat your dog’s itchy skin.

Flaky skin

Natural oils are vital to keep your dog’s coat moisturized and fight other harmful factors. Without them, your dog’s skin condition is excruciating. So, it is better to take a vet’s advice.

Skin Irritation and Inflammation

is human conditioner safe for dogs

Sometimes, your dog also ends up with inflamed and red dry skin.  If you notice your dog is scratching and getting irritated after a bath, it’s better to take veterinary guidance.

What Is the Difference Between a Dog and a Human Hair Conditioner and Shampoo?

A human conditioner is specifically formulated to nourish human hair. It is designed according to the human body and its needs. On the other hand, a dog conditioner is manufactured to meet your pup’s requirements and condition its hair without causing any adverse reaction.

Human conditioners and shampoos use ingredients that are safe and can keep the pH balance of human skin. 

While a dog shampoo or conditioner is formulated with ingredients that help cleanse and restore your pet’s skin and prevent any harmful bacteria from entering its immune system. Unfortunately, shampooing your dog with a human shampoo can irritate your dog’s skin.

What Can I Use Instead of a Dog Conditioner?

can you use human conditioner on dogs

If you do not find a dog conditioner in the nearby store, you can go for home-based DIY solutions to make your dog’s coat shiny and lustrous.  Aloe vera gel, coconut oil, vitamin E, and some oatmeal powder provide the best conditioning to your dog’s hair and restore the pH balance.

Just make sure to wash your dog’s coat with warm water.

What Are Some Best Dog Conditioners and Shampoos?

Some of the best dog shampoos and conditioners are:

Final Thoughts

So, Can you use human conditioners on dogs? When a dog owner uses his conditioner on a dog’s skin, it can break down the protective coating and cause skin irritation. If this layer is not restored, it can cause harmful pollutants and bacteria to enter your dog’s body, resulting in some allergies or itching.

Men conditioners have a lot of harsh chemicals such as fragrance, detangle additives, conditioning, and hydration agent, So it is better not to experiment with human products on dogs.

As a responsible, loving, and caring owner, you want the best for your pup. However, bathing your dog with human grooming products is not good. It will make your pup suffer in the long term.

Human conditioners are made for human skin only, so we recommend using pet grooming products on your dogs. Then, enjoy bathing your pup with the best shampoo.

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