Can Dogs Have Whipped Cream? – A Brief Guide

can dogs eat whipped cream

Whipped cream is a popular addition to desserts in practically every place since it is sweet, creamy, and has a wonderfully fluffy feel. You must know that all human foods are not suitable for your canine friend. Before feeding him any food, you should always research whether it is beneficial or harmful for your pup.

It is human nature to give your dog a fun treat to increase his excitement level. However, a dog’s digestive system is different from a human. So, the question is whether a dog can eat whipped cream safely? Let’s dive deep to get all the answers that come to your mind about the whipped cream.

What Is Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is a dairy product, a fluffy foam of sweetened cream which is used widely to decorate cakes, pastries, and other confectioneries.

can i give my dog whipped cream

How Is Whipped Cream Made?

Whipped cream is made with two basic ingredients that are icing sugar and heavy cream with about 30-36 percent fat content. Whipped cream can be flavored with ingredients such as vanilla, powdered sugar, coffee, chocolate, or orange zest.

Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream?

Yes, dogs can eat whipped cream, but you should keep track of the amount you are feeding your dog. However, keep in mind that whipped cream does not provide many nutritional benefits. This sugary treat has high fat and sugar content rather than the essential vitamins or minerals.

Your dog can eat whipped cream as an occasional treat instead of making it a part of their regular diet.

Is Whipped Cream Good for Dogs?

No, not at all. It contains a high level of fats, leading to many health issues rather than having other healthy nutrients.

As the whipped cream does not provide any health benefits to the dogs, give them a small amount of it once a month. Whipping cream may provide vital reinforcement and training benefits to dogs that are food-motivated.

Is Whipped Cream Bad for Dogs?

The whipped cream is not considered bad for all dogs. However, all dairy products are harmful to lactose-intolerant dogs. Even though whipped cream is non-toxic, it contains milk, leading to an upset stomach in some dogs.

The fat content of the cream used to make whipped cream ranges between 30 and 36 percent. This high-fat content can be harmful to dogs. Furthermore, the cream is a dairy product, and dogs cannot digest dairy as well as humans do.

Does Whip Cream Give Dogs Diarrhea?

Yes, whip cream can cause severe diarrhea in certain dogs, especially those who are lactose intolerant. If you’re not sure whether your dog can digest dairy, start with a small amount of whipped cream and see how they react.

can puppies have whipped cream

How Much Whipped Cream Should I Feed My Dog?

It largely depends on the size, age, and health of your furry friend. As a rule of thumb, you should not feed them more than the size of one paw at a time.

An adult dog weighing 33 pounds requires 14 grams of fat per day. Whipped cream has about 13 grams of fat per cup. As you can see, one cup of whipped cream can almost completely satisfy a dog’s daily fat requirement.

A cup of whipped cream can exceed a small breed’s daily fat quota. Similarly, dogs who are obese or recovering from obesity should not be given any fatty foods. If your pet is still growing, their fat requirements will be slightly higher. On the other hand, lactating or pregnant dogs require high-fat foods; however, consult your veterinarian before giving them this treat.

Types of Whipped Cream to Feed Your Dog

There are limited types of whipped cream that your pup can have as special treats. Some of them are almond milk, coconut, and vegan whipped cream that dogs can consume safely in a small amount.

1. Almond Milk Whipped Cream

is whipped cream okay for dogs

Almond milk whipped cream is safe for your dog only if he is not allergic to almonds. If you are unsure about it, feed your furry friend a very small portion of almond milk whipped cream and check for the symptoms of illness. Moreover, check the ingredients to ensure that it does not contain xylitol which is toxic to dogs.

2. Coconut Whipped Cream

Coconut whipped cream is considered the most dog-friendly whipped cream. It is incredibly simple to make it. You just have to whip the chilled can of coconut cream or coconut milk until frothy. After getting chilled for some time, it will be ready to give your dog as a treat.

3. Vegan Whipped Cream

dogs and whipped cream

Vegan whipped cream is also safe for your puppy’s consumption. Vegan whipped cream is made with a special ingredient, aquafaba, the liquid extracted from canned chickpeas, and is, therefore, suitable for lactose-intolerant dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Non-dairy Whipped Cream?

Dairy-free whipped cream is good for lactose intolerant dogs or those who are sensitive to milk products. This includes unsweetened creams such as almond, coconut, or vegan that do not provide any harm to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cool Whip?

It provides more harm than benefits. It has a high fructose corn syrup that will affect the dog’s health. However, a small amount of cool whip is less likely to harm your dog, but too much can cause blood sugar and weight problems. Sugar consumption may increase your dog’s chance of developing diabetes, obesity, or heart disease.

Can Dogs Eat Puppucino Whipped Cream?

Starbucks offers puppucino which is a 4-ounce cup of whipped cream. It is specially made for dogs but you must avoid making it a part of your dog’s diet due to its high sugar content.

Does Whipped Cream Give Any Nutritional Benefits to Dogs?

No, it does not contain any nutritional benefits. Although whipped cream contains traces of protein, calcium, and vitamin A, the amounts are insufficient to provide many health benefits.

It would be better to feed your dog healthy treats such as carrots, liver, brussels sprouts, chicken, pumpkin, or fish.

Alternatives to Whipped Cream

Whipped cream has no health benefits for dogs. Whipped cream is not meant to satisfy the dog’s nutritional needs rather than just a treat. Here are some safe alternatives to whipped cream.

can dogs have heavy whipping cream
  • Fruit yogurt
  • Greek yogurt
  • Coconut milk
  • Cottage cheese
  • Mashed fruit
  • Peanut butter

Does Whipped Cream Make Dogs Sick?

Yes, there are certain health risks associated with giving whipped cream to dogs. Whipped cream has a high fat and sugar content, contributing to canine obesity. Eating high-fat foods can result in the following symptoms:

  • Obesity
  • Lethargy
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gastrointestinal issues

Dogs can be somewhat sensitive to lactic acid found in dairy products, such as milk or sour cream. The dogs who are allergic to dairy products may be sick even consuming a small amount of it. It can lead your dog to have the following diseases:

  • Excessive gas
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea

What If Your Dog Accidentally Ate Too Much Whipped Cream?

Lactose-intolerant dogs should avoid plain whipped cream. Even if your dog doesn’t have a dairy allergy, consuming too much whipped cream can make him unwell. Most probably, he will throw out the food himself. Examine your dog’s condition for some hours; if he does not get better, take him to the vet.

can puppies eat whipped cream

Final Thoughts

We recommend giving it an occasional treat to reinforce good behavior in dogs who enjoy its sweet and airy texture.

If you want to feed your dog whipped cream

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