What is this place?

The Dog Cafe is half coffee shop, half dog rescue! Our dog lounge is an open space for guests to interact, play, and cuddle with rescue dogs, while enjoying some coffee, tea, or lemonade. All our dogs are available for adoption. While some guests come looking to adopt, some come just to hang out and relax with the pups. Both are welcome!

Is there food available?

At this time, we only offer beverages.

Can I bring my own dog?

Unfortunately, we cannot have guests bring in any dogs. Because we have lots of dogs of different ages, sizes, and personalities, it can take some time to introduce a new pup to the group dynamic.

Where do the dogs come from?

All our dogs come from local city shelters! Once we get them from a shelter, they are with us until they are adopted.

Where does my entry fee go to?

There is a $15/per person/per hour fee. We are a non-profit and all proceeds go towards helping our dogs. Many of them have medical needs that can be expensive. We want to make sure we are able to provide the best care possible for all our pups. Thank you for your support!

How can I donate?

We are happy to accept new or gently used dog supplies and bedding. These, as well as monetary donations can be dropped off in person. We also have an amazon wishlist (link below). We are forever grateful for the support of our guests.

I found a dog on the street/I need to surrender a dog. Can you take it?

We are not authorized to take in any dogs directly. All our dogs come from a shelter and need to be processed there first. If you have no other options, please call LA Animal Services for assistance: 888-452-7381.

Aren’t you exploiting the dogs to make money?

Our #1 goal is to give abandoned dogs a chance to find the best homes possible. We focus on rescuing dogs who have been at the shelter the longest due to health or behavioral issues and are at the highest risk of being euthanized. While L.A. shelters are doing some great things to save animals, the full capacity of them makes them difficult environments for dogs to be happy. By spending time at The Dog Cafe, our dogs experience positive socialization (both with dogs and humans), playtime and affection, and are put on the right path to a forever home. In short, no, the dogs don’t work for us – we work for them! We are a nonprofit, which means all the money we make through entrance and adoption fees goes right back into the dogs!

I want to start a dog cafe in my town. Do you have any advice for me?

We’re so happy to hear that people around the U.S. are interested in joining the movement to provide more open environments for dog adoption to take place. Every city has different laws pertaining to how food, beverages and animals can co-exist, and what we are doing is very specific to what was mandated by the city of Los Angeles. We recommend first approaching your local government representative to find out what is possible in your town. Beyond that, it helps to create relationships with local shelters and rescue groups, as well as pet-related businesses in the area. Once you have your plan in place, it’s essential to have a team behind you who are passionate about animal care and knowledgeable about dog behavior. Oh, and be sure to stock up on lint rollers!


Do I need to make a reservation?

We definitely recommend making a reservation, because there is a limited number of spots available. We also take walkins, depending on space, but there is no guarantee we’ll be able to accommodate.

I’m not 18 yet but my friend/sibling/etc. is. Can they be my guardian?

Unless they have been appointed by a judge to be your legal guardian, they cannot. We require the legal guardian to sign the liability waiver for any minor as well as be in the lounge with them at all times. Thank you for understanding.

I want to bring my two children, but they are both under 18, is this ok?

We require one adult (18+) per minor. That means, in this scenario, we would require you to bring in a second adult. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

I want to come visit, but I lost my ID.

Everyone over the age of 18 must provide proof of identification (birthday, photo, and legal name). If you do not have your ID with you, a photo of the ID is acceptable!

Is there parking?

There is free one-hour parking in a lot underneath the cafe! On weekends, the hour limit does not apply.

I am running late. Will you give my spot away?

If you have a reservation, we will save your spot! While we cannot extend the time, you will still be able to go in for however long is left in your session. If you miss it completely, we can move your reservation to the next hour, providing there is space.
*please note, if you arrive after 6:15pm, certain drinks may no longer be available*


How does adoption work?

We don’t do any same-day adoptions. If you come in and fall in love with a pup, you can fill out our online application (same applies for fostering). From there, an adoption coordinator will get back to you to schedule a phone interview and home inspection (through skype/facetime). We make sure the dog finds the best possible home, and as such, applications are not first come first serve.  Part of our adoption process is coming in to meet the pups! Reservations can be made HERE! Adoption fees include dogs spay / neuter costs, microchipping as well as vaccinations up to adoption date. Thank you!

How much is the adoption fee?

The fee can range anywhere from $200-$600, depending on the dog. The adoption coordinator will discuss the specific price with you after the application has been submitted.

Do all the dogs have their shots?

Unless because of a medical condition, all our dogs are fixed and have all their shots. Some of the younger puppies may still be too young for certain vaccinations and will receive them when they reach the appropriate age.

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