How to Prevent a Dog from Digging Under a Chain-link Fence?

stop dog digging under fence

The underside of a chain-link fence would be a good place to start if you have a dog that likes to dig. However, it’s challenging to stop dogs from digging because it’s a natural instinct. And if you don’t want your dog to get out of your yard, you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t dig a hole big enough to get out.

To prevent your dog from digging under a chain-link fence, you can try some of the following suggestions:

Monitor Your Dog

how to stop dogs from digging under fence

You can become a good dog trainer by keeping an eye on your dog while in the garden. First, you can influence your pup’s behavior by understanding why they are digging. Then you can try some instant ways to stop him, for example, Shake some coins in a can or make a loud noise to alarm your dog and get their attention as soon as they start digging. You can also praise your pets for their excellent behavior and reward them with a treat.


how to keep dogs from digging under fence

To prevent your pup from digging, you should install an L-footer if the dog digs the chain link fence and pushes it to get out of the yard. Fold a section of chain-link fencing inward and bury it beneath the surface.

The folded portion will likely stop any digging attempts by your dog. For those who prefer not to dig, you can place the folded portion on the ground and cover it with a layer of grass.

Drive Tent Stakes

If you are a dog owner who isn’t interested in making their chain-link fence even stronger, there’s another way to use drive stakes instead. When your dog tries to push the bottom of the fence, you can place the stakes at an angle to provide additional support. If you want to prevent the dog from escaping, place the stakes as close together as possible. But definitely, it won’t be 100% perfect in all the ways as you may have to worry about ruining the aesthetics of your yard by doing this. However, it will help you ensure your pup’s safety for sure.

Pour Concrete on the Floor

You can pour concrete at the yard’s base as another great option. It’s impossible for your dog to flee once it gets too tricky. Before the concrete dries, you must insert the chain-link fence’s bottom into the concrete. Even though it’s a bit of a challenge, this method is 100% foolproof as many dog owners have tried it and got the solution successfully.

Bury Chicken Wire Horizontally

Burying a strong layer of chicken wire in your garden under the chain-link fence is another effective digging prevention method. A dog’s paws will be irritated by this rough surface layer, and he will avoid going near that surface. In addition, it will serve as a deterrent to those who love digging.

Make Your Dog Get Tired

Some dogs are so determined to dig because of the breed type that they need a lot of exercises. Some of the most popular breeds include Schnauzers, Jack Russel Terriers, Dachshunds, and Beagles; due to their high energy levels, they are constantly digging and excavating. Because of this, the best thing a dog parent can do is get your dog to play with and help them exercise enough so that they can put their energy to better use. Then, if you want, you can show them off to your neighbors and even have fun with them by playing healthful games. As a result, your pet’s energy level will be reduced, and the amount of digging beneath the chain-link fence.

Redundant Fences

If all else fails, the redundant fences are the best option for reducing the dog’s digging. A physical barrier isn’t always necessary. You can use a wireless electric dog fence to keep your dog away from your chain link fence and away from dog holes. Away from your chain link fence, erect the set-up to prevent them from touching it.

how to stop a dog from digging under a fence

What Should I Put under the Fence to Keep My Dog In?

When it comes to preventing the dogs from digging, chicken wire can be a good option for dog owners. Compared to other materials, it is easy to work with and much less expensive. In addition, chicken wire is an excellent deterrent for dogs who try to dig under your fence.

These options, such as chicken wire or concrete, would keep your dog from escaping from your yard. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that dogs can get out of the yard in various ways, including digging and pushing loose footers. Some dog owners place citrus peels at the bottom of the fence to keep their pets away from the area to stop their pets.

If your dog starts digging under the fence every day, you can have it fixed in a day or two by completing this task over the weekend. This can be completed in a few simple steps, including:

If your yard is on a different level than the fence, you can use this technique to fill in any gaps beneath the new chain link fence.

Make a hole in the ground around your fence’s base. Its depth and width should be about 12 inches and 6 inches, respectively.

Bend the bottom section of the chicken wire into an L-shape by cutting the wire into strips and bending it. Be sure to round off any slightly curved points with a gentle bend.

Make an L-shape at the bottom of the hole and place it here. Secure the new fence to the existing one with zip ties and tent stakes for added security. Tent stakes can keep a dog from digging a hole underneath your chain link fence because it isn’t loose.

In the end, cover the wire after being buried with stones and soil. Then, you can cover it with grass once your dog discovers that he can’t get out the other side by digging under the fence.


Is There a Spray That Will Keep a Dog from Digging Under a Chain-link Fence?

Yes, this can be a go-to option for quick and effective results! For example, a spray of vinegar or citrus oil can keep a dog from digging because dogs are against the smells of these products.

You can use equal parts water and vinegar or water and citrus oil in a spray bottle and apply the mixture to the dog’s favorite places to dig under the chain-link fence. To find out how effective the spray is, you should watch it. After many dog parents’ experiences, it has been proved that most dogs didn’t dig under the chain-link fence where they sprayed any longer.

What Can I Do to Prevent My Dogs From Digging Holes?

As we all know, digging is a favorite activity for many dogs, whether in the yard or under a chain-link fence. But there’s a possibility that you can train them in different ways so that they may not be prone to excavating. Increasing the number of possible consequences can serve as an obstacle to such bad behavior. However, it is also important that whatever you use is safe and does not appear to be a form of punishment to your little pup.

dog digging under fence

Is There a Way to Fill the Space at the Bottom of a Fence?

Concrete is needed to fill the gap at the end side of the chain-link fence. Tent stakes can also pull the chain link down and close the gap. In addition, pet parents commonly keep bricks, but dogs often push them aside when they begin digging.

What Can I Do to Prevent Animals from Digging up My Fence Line?

You should also keep an eye out for stray animals, such as dogs. They could make a hole in the ground by digging outside. Unfortunately, disturbing diggers can also be there, including striped skunks, well-known for their destructive digging habits. To avoid this issue, you can use the solutions mentioned above that work in these situations.


Certain breeds of dogs are more likely than others to engage in digging as an instinctual behavior. According to research, beagles, dachshunds, huskies, schnauzers, and collies are among the other dog breeds that enjoy digging. But never hit, yell or raise your voice when blaming your dog for digging under a chain-link fence. In addition, it’s not an excellent way to use a crate, barricade, or leave your dog alone for long periods to correct their bad habits.

When you take your dog for a walk, make sure you watch them. Make loud noise or clap to stop your dog, then use a firm tone to tell them no if they start digging. However, your dog may need regular training from professional trainers or groomers if you’ve repeatedly told them no and are still digging under the chain-link fence.

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