Types Of Boxers

Uncover the diverse world of Boxer breeds, showcasing their unique traits and origins across different countries.

American Boxer 

Top 10 in US homes, known for its playful nature and muscular build, standing 21.5 to 25 inches tall.

German Boxer

Originating from hunting dogs, known for its calm demeanor and larger bone structure, standing 21.5-25 inches.

English (UK) Boxer

Known for its polite nature, slightly different in build with unique ankles and paws, standing 21.5-25 inches.

Fawn Boxer

Shares characteristics with its country's breed, commonly found in fawn color, standing 21.5 to 25 inches tall.

Brindle Boxer

Not just a color but a pattern of stripes, exhibiting the same temperament as other Boxers, standing 21.5 to 25 inches.

White Boxer

One in four Boxers is white, some with hearing issues, not recognized by AKC, standing 21.5-25 inches.

Reverse Brindle Boxer 

Reverse Brindle Boxer: Appears to have a dark coat due to light stripes on a dark background, standing 21.5-25 inches.


A mix of Boxer and Lab, known for being social, affectionate, and protective, standing 23 to 25 inches.

More than just pets, they are loyal companions, guardians, and a joyful addition to any family. Celebrating their strength, loyalty, and diversity, Boxers continue to win hearts with their unique personalities and unwavering devotion.