Can Dogs Eat Cheerios? A Handy Guide for You

can dogs eat cheerios

Cheerios are the breakfast cereals that most people enjoy. However, if you are one of the dog owners who cannot eat a meal without sharing it with his pup, before sharing your bowl of cheerios with your pet friend, you must know whether this cereal is safe for the pup or not. 

So let’s dive into the details of whether the cheerios’ ingredients and flavors are safe for dogs to eat.

Can a Dog Eat Cheerios Safely?

Yes, dogs can safely eat cheerios as they have limited ingredients. They can be served as an occasional treat rather than part of a regular dog’s diet.

Are Cheerios Good for Dogs?

Cheerios aren’t an ideal meal for dogs since they provide limited nutritional value. In addition, cheerios are made out of whole-grain oats, which aren’t a necessary component of your pet’s diet.

All the dogs can’t digest whole-grain oats easily, as some are allergic to them.  If your dog is allergic to wheat and corn, it is best to choose a dog food that is grain-free, gluten-free and packed with protein and amino acids.

Unlike other dog food, cheerios do not contain fats or sugar. Therefore, it is safe for your dog if you want to give it as a treat during training sessions.

are cheerios safe for dogs

How Many Cheerios Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs can eat cheerios in a small quantity, like one/fourth cup or less. Your pup will be safe if he consumes a tiny number of cheerios, but if he is having it for the first time, watch for the signs of vomiting or upset stomach. If you see any sign of illness, take him to the vet.

Are Cheerios Healthy for Dogs?

Cheerios are not considered healthy and balanced meals for dogs because they contain empty calories and no nutritional benefits. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed your dog cheerios as a regular meal.

Do Cheerios Provide Any Nutritional Benefit To Dogs?

The American Heart Association claims that cheerios cereal provides many heart benefits, but this is for humans, not for dogs. In addition, canines can get little or significantly less benefit from the fortified minerals and vitamins it contains.

Some veterinarians recommend cheerios treats to overweight dogs. Cheerios are suitable for a pet’s low-calorie diet and are very flavorful dog treats that the dogs don’t resist.

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios Cereal?

are cheerios good for dogs

Yes, they can eat cheerios cereal without getting any nutritional benefit. It works as a filler only, so avoid giving them a heaping bowl of cereals.

Can Dogs Eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

Dogs love to munch on tasty, crunchy snacks with a sweet honey smell. Honey nut cheerios are low in cholesterol, and saturated fat provides a minimal benefit to the dog.

These cheerios are made of real honey, whole grain oats, and a natural almond flavor. Fortunately, the recipe does not include almonds or nuts that could upset the dog’s stomach, but just the flavor most dogs love.

can dogs have cheerios

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios and Milk?

Some dogs can eat cheerios and milk safely, while others become ill from the dairy product- milk. If a dog eats cereal in small quantities, he would be fine. However, avoid giving him an entire bowl of milk with cheerios because milk has fats, and consumption of too much fat can lead to obesity.

In addition, milk can cause severe problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and discomfort for lactose intolerant pups.

are cheerios ok for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Plain Cheerios?

Yes, dogs can eat plain or original cheerios because they contain less sugar. It features oats as the first ingredient and does not contain any flavor. You can feed plain cheerios in moderation as it causes no harm to your fur baby.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Cheerios?

No, dogs cannot eat chocolate cheerios. In addition, dogs should avoid any food containing chocolate and caffeine as it is very toxic to dogs.

Chocolate and caffeine contain a toxic ingredient- methylxanthine, which causes many health issues, including diarrhea, extreme thirst, panting, vomiting, seizures, hyperactivity, or urination.

cheerios for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Multigrain Cheerios?

Yes, multigrain cheerios are safe for dogs to eat. Many dog food brands offer grain or multigrain formula as it provides many health benefits to dogs.

Comparatively, they are a better option than the flavored cheerios. Flavored cheerios are full of fillers, additives, and artificial sweeteners that ultimately harm dogs. Moderation is the key when you feed your dog with cheerios cereal.

Some dogs are allergic to grains; if you notice any symptoms of allergic reaction to your dog, consult your vet immediately.

Can Dogs Eat Flavored Cheerios?

It depends on the flavor you are feeding to your furry friend. Some flavors like honey nut cheerios and multigrain cheerios are safe for dogs, while the chocolate flavor and pumpkin spice pose much harm to them. However, it would be best to avoid the flavored cheerios as much as possible.

Can Dogs Eat Frosted Cheerios?

Frosted cheerios are safe if you give your dog a minimal amount of them. However, these cheerios have high sugar content, leading to weight gain, heart issues, and diabetes if consumed in bulk.

Are Cheerios Bad For Dogs?

The plain cheerios cereal is made of whole grains, low in sugar, and a safe treat for your dog. However, as far as chocolate and pumpkin spice flavors are concerned, cheerios can create many digestive issues for dogs.

While feeding your pup the flavored cheerios, always look out if it has xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which is very harmful to the dogs. You must not feed your dogs cheerios containing xylitol or methylxanthine as they are toxic ingredients for the dog. They can cause panting, urination, diarrhea, extreme thirst, hyperactivity, vomiting, or seizures.


Cheerios are the popular breakfast cereals for humans. They are not meant to fulfill the dog’s mealtime, but the dogs can safely consume a small number of cheerios as they cause no harm to them.

Dogs may benefit from the added vitamins and minerals in the cheerios cereal, but they lack protein which is an essential component of their diet to have strong muscles. Therefore, the vets recommend a dog food containing all the nutritional value instead of these empty calories cheerios cereal.

There are many healthy dogs treats available in the market as cheerios alternatives. If you still want your pup to eat cheerios, feed him only a few pieces at a time. There are many flavored cheerios in the market, but plain cheerios make an excellent choice for dogs.

Do you have a dog who likes to eat cheerios treats? How do you feed him? Please share your valuable experience with us! We will be glad to hear from you!

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