10 Best Wet Dog Foods for Senior Dogs to Keep Them Healthy

According to recent studies, one in five dogs is considered a senior citizen by reaching seven years old. As our canine baby ages, their dietary needs change just as ours do.

Feeding your dog the wrong type of food at this stage can bode poorly for their health and shorten their lifespan.

So, what is the best-wet dog food for senior dogs?

This question does not have a single answer. Each dog’s dietary needs will differ based on their age, weight, activity level, and overall health.

However, certain factors should be considered when choosing a senior wet dog food to ensure your furry friend gets the best possible nutrition.



Build And Maintain Muscles

Hill’s Science Diet Senior Wet Dog Food

  • Flavor:Beef & Barley
  • Item form: Wet
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

Best For Nutrition

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Formula

  • Flavor: Turkey
  • item form:Wet
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

All Natural Ingredients

Wellness Stews Canned Dog Food

  • flavor: Beef
  • item form:Wet
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

Enhanced With Vitamins

Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food

  • flavor: Chicken
  • item form:Wet
  • breed:All breed sizes

Complete & Balanced


  • flavor:Chicken & Rice
  • item form: Ground
  • breed:PUPPY

All Breed Sizes

Support Healthy Skin And Coat

  • flavor: Beef & Wild-Caught Salmon
  • item form: Pate
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

Highly Digestible

Halo Wet Dog Food

  • flavor :Chicken
  • item form:Wet
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

Reduce skin Reactions

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

  • Uses for:Coat
  • item form:Gel
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

100% Complete & Balanced Diet

Weruva Wet Dog Food

  • flavor:Bed & Breakfast
  • item form: Other
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

Best For Strong & Lean Muscles

Instinct Original Wet Dog Food

  • flavor: Beef
  • item form: Wet, Raw
  • breed:All Breed Sizes

Our Top-selling Picks for Best Canned Dog Foods

This blog post will tell you about the best-wet dog food for senior dogs and why switching them over as they age is so important. Keep reading to learn more! 

1. Hill’s Science Diet Senior Wet Dog Food  

best wet dog food

Dogs are considered seniors at seven years old, and their owners need to take extra care to make sure they’re getting the proper nutrients in their diets. Hill’s Science Diet is designed specifically with those needs in mind.

wet dog food brands

The food is made with high-quality ingredients like natural beef and barley, and it’s formulated to help keep senior dogs healthy and active.

Moreover, it’s a lot of fun to feed your furry friend something that smells as good as this food does!

Best Features

  • Wet dog food for seniors of all breed sizes
  • Grain inclusive minced texture
  • Natural, fresh whole food recipe
  • Promotes healthy digestion

Key Benefits

  • This food is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help keep your senior dog healthy and active.
  • The small kibble size is perfect for older dogs who may have trouble chewing or digesting larger pieces of food.
  • It contains high-quality protein that will sustain lean muscle and promote ideal body weight.
  • In addition, it helps maintain the health of their vital organs like intestines, with other fruits & vegetables providing much flavor in every bite while helping digestion.

Testers Verdict

The senior dogs in our test group loved the taste of this food, and we were impressed with how quickly they gobbled it up.

After switching them to this food, we noticed that their stools were firmer and less smelly.

Hill’s Science Diet Senior Wet Dog Food

The price of “Hill’s Science Diet Senior Wet Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Formula

best canned dog food

Core Wellness believes that all dogs deserve to live happy and healthy lives. Therefore, their products are designed to promote wellness in every dog, no matter their age or stage of life.

The company’s Grain-Free Turkey, Chicken Liver & Turkey Liver Formula Canned Dog food is formulated to meet the needs of senior dogs.

good wet food for dogs

This grain-free formula is packed with protein and essential nutrients to help support your dog’s health as they age.

Best Features

  • Grain-free pate texture
  • For adults and puppies of all breeds
  • Without Gluten, Pea-Free, and no corn, wheat, or soy
  • Promotes whole-body health and weight management

Key Benefits

  • It is made with the best ingredients, formulated by nutritionists and veterinarians.
  • It has a savory flavor that dogs love!
  • The perfect balance of protein, fat, and carbs makes this wet dog food effective at encouraging lean body mass.
  • It’s made with all-natural ingredients and lacks artificial flavors or preservatives, so it will spoil quickly if not consumed soon after opening!

Testers Verdict

It helps our senior dogs maintain a healthy weight, and we noticed their energy levels increased after switching to this food.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Formula

The price of “Wellness CORE Grain-Free Formula” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Wellness Stews Canned Dog Food

best wet food for dogs

Are you looking for nutritious and delicious canned dog food for your senior pup? Look no further than Wellness Beef Stew with Carrots & Potatoes Grain-Free Canned Dog Food.

This formula is made with natural beef, carrots, and potatoes, and it’s perfect for promoting optimal health in older dogs.

best canned food for dogs

Moreover, its grain-free formula is ideal for dogs with sensitivities or allergies. So don’t miss out this great option!

Best Features

  • Stew textured grain-free wet foods
  • For adult dogs of all breeds
  • Promotes healthy teeth, gums, eyes, immunity, and gut health
  • Free from any corn, wheat, soy, meat by-products, fillers, or artificial preservatives

Key Benefits

  • The food offers high-quality proteins and vitamins A & E and has probiotics that help support the digestive system. At the same time, prebiotics promotes good bacteria growth inside their body, which can boost immune function.
  • This diet is specially formulated to promote healthy skin and coats.
  • It contains all the essential vitamins necessary to maintain optimal health, including omega-3.

Testers Verdict

The buyers loved that this food was grain-free and helped maintain healthy skin and coats.

Wellness Stews Canned Dog Food

The price of “Wellness Stews Canned Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food

best dog wet food

Looking for a senior dog food high in protein and features garden vegetables? Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipe Senior Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables could be an excellent option for your furry friend.

This meal is designed to support joints, improve heart health, and strengthen digestive function, perfect for older dogs who need a little extra help keeping up with their younger counterparts.

best wet dog food brands

Moreover, it’s made with all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Best Features

  • Pate textured grain inclusive wet dog food
  • Seniors of all breed sizes
  • Features high-quality protein from real meat, with no chicken by-products or corn, wheat, or soy

Key Benefits

  • This formula has it all with glucosamine and chondroitin to keep the dogs moving smoothly everyday.
  • The fresh and natural chicken is the perfect gift for your four-legged friend.
  • It’s packed with Omega 3, which helps support a dog’s healthy muscle maintenance, and can be served as an appetizer, a reward or meal on its own!

Testers Verdict

The real chicken and fresh vegetables give this food a fantastic flavor that our senior dogs love.

Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food

The price of “Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

5. PEDIGREE Wet Dog Food 

best can dog food

There’s a new type of wet dog food in the market, and it’s getting rave reviews from senior dog owners, dog lovers, and new dog parents alike.

PEDIGREE Chopped Ground Dinner Wet Dog Food is designed to be easy to digest and nutritious, with a flavor that dogs love.

best wet dog foods

What’s not to love about this food? It’s also affordable, so you can feed your dog the best without breaking the bank.

Best Features

  • Minced texture grain inclusive wet food
  • For adults of all breeds
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat and improves digestive health
  • Affordable

Key Benefits

  • Ground meat is always a hit with dogs, but this particular type contains optimal levels of oils and minerals, which promote healthy skin.
  • Your pup cares about those irresistible flavors that make him go wild over his meal!
  • The perfect blend makes it easy for digestion, so you don’t have to worry whether or not they’re getting the proper nutrient.

Testers Verdict

The pet owners loved Pedigree wet dog food because of its affordability, digestibility, and delicious taste.


The price of “PEDIGREE Wet Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Purina ONE Grain-Free, Natural Pate Wet Dog Food

healthy wet dog food

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct is a delicious formula packed with all essential nutrients that your dog needs for skin and coat health, hip and joint support, and heart care.

top wet dog food

Additionally, the real beef and wild-caught salmon will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Best Features

  • Minced grain-free canned dog food
  • For adults of all breeds
  • Supports lean muscle, immunity skin, and coat
  • With glucosamine and chondroitin
  • With 0% fillers and no corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-products, 

Key Benefits

  • Omega fatty acids protect your dog against free radicals, antioxidants fight inflammation while providing essential vitamins & minerals like vitamin C!
  • Your pup can maintain solid muscles and be healthier with a high-quality protein diet.
  • This natural dog food, made with high-quality ingredients, is excellent for supporting your pup’s joint health so he can keep up his daily duties.
  • It has glucosamine sources that help repair cartilage and improve comfort in pets who suffer from arthritis or other conditions related to old age on their joints!

Testers Verdict

The buyers were satisfied with the ingredients and the benefits this food has for their pup’s health. In addition, they loved that it was grain-free.

Purina ONE Grain-Free, Natural Pate Wet Dog Food

The price of “Purina ONE Grain-Free, Natural Pate Wet Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Halo Wet Dog Food

best soft food for dogs

Do you want to give your senior dog a wholesome and nutritious diet? Then, Halo’s Holistic Chicken Recipe Senior Canned Dog Food is perfect!

This grain-free food is packed with vitamins, minerals, and whole chicken meat to support your dog’s health and vitality.

healthy canned dog food

Additionally, it’s free of rendered meat meals and GMO ingredients. So, give your furry friend the best with Halo!

Best Features

  • Pate grain-free wet food diet
  • For senior dogs of all sizes and breeds
  • Promotes skin and coat health with vitamins & minerals,
  • Made for sensitive stomach with non-GMO

Key Benefits

  • Helping your senior sidekick adapt to their changing metabolism and activity level with protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • These nutrients work together for healthy joints as well as brain function!
  • With no artificial ingredients or meat meals, your dog can absorb and use the nutrients in their food better.
  • It contains all the nutrients your sensitive dog needs to stay healthy and has a delicious chicken flavor.

Testers Verdict

Dogs with food allergies and sensitivities loved this grain-free wet food from Halo.

Halo Wet Dog Food

The price of “Halo Wet Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet 

good canned dog food

Looking for food specifically designed to help manage food sensitivities in your pup? Then check out Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein Loaf Wet Dog Food!

This limited ingredient diet wet food is made with hydrolyzed proteins, which have already been partially broken down, to make it easier for your dog to digest.

canned dog food reviews

It’s also formulated with novel proteins, so it’s unlikely your pet will have been exposed to them before. Finally, it comes in a convenient loaf format that makes feeding easy and mess-free.

Best Features

  • Pate canned dog food
  • Limited ingredient diet, veterinary diet, hydrolyzed protein
  • Support skin & coat health and digestive health
  • For adults of all breeds with sensitive skin and stomach

Key Benefits

  • Fibers and prebiotics support gut health.
  • Optimal amounts of vitamin B, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids support skin and coat health that help maintain the skin’s natural barrier.
  • If your dog has problems like tummy troubles, hair loss, or itching, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet might be good food for them.
  • This food is designed to be easily absorbed by dogs and is very palatable.
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein is easy to digest and improves gastrointestinal issues.

Testers Verdict

This perfect hypoallergenic food won the hearts of the testers’ dogs. They loved the taste and texture of the food, and it resolved many of their sensitivities.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

The price of “Royal Canin Veterinary Diet” varies, so check the latest price at

9. Weruva Wet Dog Food

the best wet dog food

A hearty and nutritious way to start your pup’s day is with Weruva Bed & Breakfast with Chicken, Egg, Pumpkin & Ham in Gravy!

This delicious meal is packed with boneless, skinless white chicken breast, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, eggs, and ham in a tasty gravy.

canned food for dogs

Moreover, it’s made with cage-free chicken and contains no added antibiotics or hormones.

So, your pup will love the taste of this food, and you will feel good knowing that they’re getting all the nutrients they need to start their day off right.

Best Features

  • Chunks in gravy grain-free canned food
  • For adults of all sizes
  • All-natural, gluten-free, pea-free, non-GMO, no corn, wheat, or soy
  • Vitamins and minerals support urinary tract health

Key Benefits

  • Delicious and nutritious fresh dog food.
  • This gourmet recipe offers a wonderful treat to your pal in delectable gravy.
  • This recipe is grain-free, gluten-free, and carrageenan-free, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.
  • The recipes have few ingredients and include high-quality meats, healthy fats, and a small number of carbohydrates.

Testers Verdict

The reviews are in, and dogs love Weruva’s Bed & Breakfast wet food! They love the taste and effortless digestion. This grain-free formula is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Weruva Wet Dog Food

The price of “Weruva Wet Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

10. Instinct Original Wet Dog Food

best dog food wet

Are you looking for a wet food option high in beef and free of grain? This Instinct Original Grain-Free Real Beef Recipe might perfectly fit your pup!

This food is made with 95% beef and beef liver, 5% vegetables, fruits, and other wholesome ingredients, making it the best food for a picky eater.

best can food for dogs

It is free of grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors, or preservatives.

The delicious loaf includes natural omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat.

Best Features

  • Pate grain-free wet food
  • Best for adults of all sizes
  • All-natural, gluten-free, pea-free, non-GMO, no corn, wheat, or soy
  • Appetite stimulation,  best for skin & coat health

Key Benefits

  • Grain-free: perfect for pets with allergies or sensitivities
  • Real meat provide the protein your pet needs
  • Omega fatty acids: promote a healthy coat and skin
  • Appetite stimulation: keeps your pet healthy and happy

Testers Verdict

This Instinct Original Real Beef Recipe was a hit among testers’ dogs. The pate texture is easy for them to eat, and the ingredients are all-natural and healthy. Moreover, it improves skin and coat health!

Instinct Original Wet Dog Food

The price of “Instinct Original Wet Dog Food” varies, so check the latest price at

Things to Consider while Choosing Best Wet Food for Senior Dogs

When selecting the best-wet dog food for an old dog, there are a few things you should consider:

Special Ingredients

As your dog ages, its body starts to slow down, and it may not be as able to digest certain ingredients as it once could. Look for a wet dog food specifically designed for senior dogs and contains fewer processed ingredients.

High-Quality Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for dogs of all ages, but it becomes even more vital as they age. Look for a wet dog food containing high-quality, easily digestible protein sources such as chicken, turkey, or fish.

Age-Appropriate Kibble Size and Texture

As your dog gets older, its teeth may not be as strong as they once were. Choose a wet dog food that is available in a kibble size and texture appropriate for senior dogs.

Vitamins and Minerals Dog Supplements

As your dog grows older, its body may no longer be able to absorb specific vitamins and minerals as effectively as it once could. Look for a wet dog food that includes extra vitamins and minerals to ensure your aging pet gets all the nutrients they need.

Some dog foods for seniors have the added benefits of dog supplements. These are not required, but they can help fill gaps in your dog’s diet.

Food allergies

If your senior dog has any food allergies, choose a wet dog food that does not contain allergens.

Your Dog’s Specific Needs according to Age and Breed

wet dog food brands

Every dog is different, and as your furry friend ages, their specific needs will change. Talk to your veterinarian about the best type of diet for your aging dog.

Different breeds of dog’s age at different rates, and some dog breeds are prone to health problems as they get older. Do your research on the specific breed of dog you have and consult with your veterinarian about the best diet for a senior dog of that breed.

What is the importance of Senior Dog Food?

Like humans, a dog’s nutritional needs change as they age. So, as dogs grow old, they become more susceptible to health problems like obesity, arthritis, and heart disease, if they’re not eating the right kind of food.

Muscle Mass

As dog’s age, their muscle mass decrease, and they can become more susceptible to conditions such as arthritis and joint pain. For this reason, it’s essential to choose a food that is high in protein to help your dog maintain their muscle mass. Look for wet dog foods that contain at least 18% protein.


As they get older, they may become less able to digest complex carbohydrates, which can cause gastrointestinal problems such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea. For this reason, it’s crucial to choose a food that is low in carbohydrates. Look for wet dog foods that contain not more than 30% carbohydrates.

Fat Content

Older dogs are also more likely to suffer from obesity, putting them at risk for other health problems such as diabetes and joint problems. For this reason, it’s crucial to choose a food that is low in fat. Look for wet dog foods that contain not more than 12% fat.

Moisture Content

Older dogs often have trouble drinking enough water, leading to dehydration. For this reason, it’s essential to choose a food that is high in moisture content. Look for wet dog foods that contain at least 78% moisture.


Is “Senior Dog Food” Really a Different Kind of Dog Food?

Yes, senior dog food is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of older dogs. It typically contains more protein and fewer carbohydrates than regular dog food. In addition, it is higher in moisture content to help keep dogs hydrated. It is also less likely to contain harmful additives that can be dangerous to older dogs.

It also contains unique ingredients like fish oils and glucosamine to help keep your dog healthy as they age. Both chondroitin and MSM are supplements, often added to senior dog food to keep dogs’ joints healthy.

Chondroitin is a natural compound found in cartilage that keeps it healthy and elastic. MSM is a sulfur-containing compound that is thought to reduce inflammation.

How Much-wet Food Does a Dog Need?

best canned dog foods

A dog typically needs about 2-3 cups of wet food per day. However, this can vary depending on the dog’s size, age, and activity level. Therefore, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian to determine how much food your dog needs.

How Long Does Wet Dog Food Last If it’s Not Opened?

Canned wet dog food comes with expiry dates and, if unopened, can last for years past that date. Once opened; however, it should be refrigerated and used within a few days.

How Long can Wet Food Remain in the Bowl?

If your dog isn’t eating all of its wet food, you can remove it after an hour and put it back in the refrigerator. The food will be safe to eat for up to 24 hours after being refrigerated.

How Long does Canned Food Last Once it’s Open?

Canned foods typically last for 3-5 days after being opened. Therefore, keep it refrigerated after opening.


As your furry friend ages, it’s more important than ever to make sure they are eating the right kind of food.

We hope our guide has helped you better understand your dog’s nutritional needs as they age and given you some ideas about which types of wet dog food might best suit them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice.

We want our senior dogs to enjoy a long and healthy life by providing them with the best nutrition possible. What tips do you have for keeping your dog healthy as they age?

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