Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Complete Guide

can dogs eat pretzels

Pretzels are delicious; I believe it’s a guilty pleasure I am not so much proud of. But I can never ignore a good pretzel treat. They are soft, fluffy, big or small, sometimes sweet, and sometimes saltish. I love pretzels in all their glorious forms.

I can tell you that they are just fun to have and don’t have any nutritional value for you or your pup. It’s a snack to cheer you up or share with a friend. But can you share this sweet Native American delicacy with your furry friends?

In short, Can a dog eat pretzels? Pretzels have no health benefits, and you can give your dog some pretzels to eat like a single piece if your dog really really wants it. But I would highly recommend avoiding this treat.

Let’s get into the details of this, and let us tell you why you should not give it to your dog.

Are Pretzels Good for Dogs?

Pretzels are a bread type made from wheat or rye flour and eggs, yeast, sugar, salt, water, and butter. So by looking at these plain pretzels ingredients, you can see that they are not suitable for a dog’s digestive system.

Too much sugar can cause vomiting, upset stomach, diabetes, and weight gain. Too much salt can cause salt poisoning. Dogs with allergies should never be given such dog food.

A dog’s health is much more important than eating pretzels.

Types of Pretzels and Your FAQs.

There are lots of different kinds of pretzels, like sweet, saltish, big, small, hard, soft, etc. But which pretzels can you add to your dog’s diet without thinking twice?

Let’s answer your questions.

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt Covered Pretzels?

can dogs have pretzels

If you have a lactose-intolerant dog, this might cause him some digestive issues. So it is better not to give yogurt pretzels to your pup.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels with Salt?

are pretzels good for dogs

Salt is always a bad idea for dogs. They are just allowed 10 gm of salt a day which means their salt tolerance is not so high. Salt poisoning is highly toxic for them, they could end up dead. So it’s better to keep salted pretzels away from your dog’s mouth.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzel Chips?

Pretzel chips are so small that you can’t count how much you will eat, but these tasty treats also have too much salt which can cause salt toxicity in dogs.

According to DVM Larry Thompson of the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology, too much salt intake could lead to include sodium poisoning which could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, excessive thirst, disorientation, weakness, seizures, and kidney failure.

Also known as sodium-ion intoxication, these symptoms can occur within hours of ingestion.

Excess salt is just bad for dogs. It’s not good for a dog’s system. If you love dogs, you will never want this to happen to them even if it means being the bad guy sometimes.

can my dog eat pretzels

Can Dogs Eat Unsalted Pretzels?

If salt is out of the way, still you have to be careful and look for any other ingredients that could cause any trouble for example onion powder, ginger powder, or raisins.

If you have made a healthy snack yourself with dog-safe ingredients, your dog can safely eat those pretzels. Always remember that there are still too many carbs in that rare treat you made.

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter Pretzels?

These salty snacks are no good. They can easily upset a dog’s stomach. Peanut butter flavored pretzels have excess salt. It’s better to avoid them.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzel Bread?

are pretzels bad for dogs

This human food can cause a dog to gain weight, which is not good for a dog’s body. However, if these are soft baked pretzels especially made for a dog then let them have a single piece of fluffy and soft pretzels.

Can Dogs Eat Hard Pretzels?

It’s better to keep them away if your dog has sensitive teeth. However, if you have an aggressive chewer then you can let them have 1 or 2, but not anymore.

Still a soft pretzel is the better choice.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzel Goldfish?

There is less salt on these pretzel sticks than on the traditional pretzels, but if you let your dog eat too much of them, they can cause as much trouble as other salty snacks.

How Many Pretzels Can a Dog Eat Daily?

are pretzels ok for dogs

If it is the salty snack one I would say none. As responsible dog owners, you should always stay far away from such dog treats that can raise any health concerns in your dog.

If your furry friend is showing any kind of poisoning symptoms call the pet poison helpline immediately.

Final Thoughts

So, What happens if my dog eats pretzels? That depends on the number of pretzels as well as which type of this snack they have eaten. Salty pretzels are very toxic and sweet pretzels can cause an increase in their body weight.

In short, remember that such snacks and salty foods are bad for dogs. If your dog ate too many it’s better to call your vet immediately.

I hope this guide has helped you in making an informed decision when it comes to letting your dog eat pretzels. Let us know what is your dog’s favorite treat to have.

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