What Size Dog Crate for a German Shepherd?

crate size for german shepherd

Do you have a sweet little german shepherd puppy or an adult one?

German shepherds, also known as Alsatians, belong to one of the large breeds of dogs. As they are medium to large dogs, they always need a large space to live. So what can be best for them, rather than a large-sized dog crate?

To train your German Shepherd puppies, crates can be very helpful and supportive. In addition, they can also be great for older dogs and heavy breeds. As the dogs always need a small space where they can stay safe and feel protected, a crate can best serve the purpose.

According to most veterinarians, dog parents should keep their puppies in crates from a very young age. Because of this, the puppy can learn how to feel comfortable in their own space where they can enjoy their treats and play with their favorite toys.

German shepherds are loved all around the world because of their loyal nature and intelligence. So let’s find out what German Shepherd crate size can be the best fit for your GSD(German shepherd dog) and all the benefits you will love when using a large crate to train your large dog.

What Is the Best Size Crate for a German Shepherd Puppy?

Are you looking for the best crate for your german shepherd puppy?

If you have recently adopted a new german shepherd puppy, you must be thinking of buying a small size crate for him. Is it better to buy a small crate until your pup becomes an adult? Or should you buy a large one that will fit even the large size when he grows?

The answer to this question can be difficult because all the puppies have different requirements. However, every dog owner needs to buy a crate in which the puppy will feel more secure. And there won’t be as much space for your dog to relieve himself out of the crate.

A large enough crate will allow your German Shepherd puppy to stand up and turn around comfortably for him to mature into an adult. But there can be control problems if you try to potty train a puppy in a crate that is too large.

A good rule of thumb is that the crate should be no larger than the backside of your German Shepherd puppy. If your puppy’s weight is less than 70 pounds, a 36″ inch crate will be best for him.

When buying the crate for your puppy, it’s good to measure your pet from tip to tail and allow 2 to 4 inches of extra breathing room on all four sides.

Disadvantages of a Small Dog Crate

The issue with small crates for young puppies is that you’ll only get a few months of use out of your puppy before you have to buy a new one. Because soon, your GSD will go from a lap-sized dog to a dog that can crush your lap.

What Is the Best Size Crate for a German Shepherd Adult Dog?

german shepherd kennel

Why don’t you buy the largest size crate for your adult german shepherd dog?

If you choose a crate that is the proper size for your dog, crate training will go much more smoothly. For example, the right crate for a german shepherd will be the one in which your pup can rest but not large enough to initiate behavioral issues.

The best dog crate size for a female german shepherd dog is 42″ and 48″ for a male.

Dividers are now included in many large crates on the market, which are a major advantage over the size issue. Once the puppies reach a certain size, dividers can be moved around to accommodate the pup’s changing requirements. However, you will need to remove the crate divider and use the entire capacity of the crate at some point.

Disadvantages of a Large Dog Crate

Some people complain about a lack of space in their homes. So, they can’t buy a much larger crate because of the difficulty they will face in fitting it into your living space.

Another disadvantage of using a crate that is too large for your dog is that it can be difficult to clean. Instead of sleeping in a large pet crate while housetraining your dog, he may use half of the crate as a toilet instead.

Benefits of a Dog Crate for a German Shepherd

The ideal crate size for a German Shepherd has now been determined, and it is time to consider the various purposes for which crates are used.

Not all pet parents use German Shepherd crates to train their dogs, but there are a lot of them who do. It can be a good step toward your dog’s initial training and minimizing his behavioral issues.

When you keep your dog in a crate that fits the dog’s size, your pup will learn to stop his anxious behaviors and bad habits of scratching and barking.

Using the crate is even more helpful for a puppy as you can use the crate for their potty training. And if you want to leave for some time, it’s best to put them in the crate where they will be safe and relaxed.

Things to Consider Before Buying a German Shepherd’s Crate:

what size kennel for german shepherd

Crates for german shepherd dogs are designed with different materials and for different sizes of dogs. So, before buying the right size crate for your pup, make sure to consider these major factors. The best training rate for a german shepherd must have incorporated all the below-mentioned features.


The crates are created using different materials, including plastic pans, metal door frames, wire or metal crates, and soft-sided crates made with soft fabric.

Plastic pan crates are more reliable and good for dogs who love to scratch or chew because they are strong enough to withstand even a heavy chewer. While, a wire crate is easy to fold, inexpensive, and relatively durable. Soft crates are comfy, but they are not durable.


The dog crate you choose should not be too small to make your pup feel restricted and full of anxiety. On the other hand, a crate that is too small will be harmful to their health.

The crate should be big enough for a large breed dog to stand and lay down easily. Of course, your dog will be more comfortable standing, turning, and sleeping in a crate designed specifically for them. But it should not be too long to make him feel stray.

Also, the inclusion of dividers in some crate brands allows you to adjust the space in the crate to your specific requirements.


It would be best if you buy a crate that can withstand the weight of powerful dogs like german shepherds. Given the high energy level that this breed possesses, they’ll require a great level of exercise and mental stimulation.

Additionally, if you do not complete crate training your dog, there might be a risk of him attempting to escape.

Number of Doors

Some brands also offer crates with two doors, which can be opened from either side. When deciding where to place the crate in your home, you will have more options with double doors.


You must clean your dog’s crate regularly to keep it safe and avoid any harm. For example, if your dog messes up or gets sick in his crate, it’s best that you quickly clean up the crate to minimize the germs or any harmful bacteria.

Dog parents should not use ammonia to clean their dog kennel because it has a smell similar to the urine of dogs. In addition, if you use ammonia to clean the crate, you may accidentally encourage your pup to urinate there.

Also, take protective measures when preparing chemicals before cleaning. For example, keep your German Shepherd out of the way when cleaning their crate, rinse it to remove any inorganic chemicals, and dry the crate thoroughly before putting their toys back in.

Different Types of Crates

Crates for large dogs such as German shepherds are available in several types, including wooden crates, wire or metal crates, soft crates, plastic crates, etc.

When selecting the best crate for your dog, you can choose the type of crate that will work according to your training needs and your pup’s characteristics.

Plastic Portable Dog Crate

As the name suggests, these crates are designed with strong plastic material to work best for small to medium dogs. These crates are lightweight and therefore portable. The plastic crate includes a swing door for easy entrance and exit.

As these crates are portable, they contain an easy-to-grip handle for dog owners. According to their specifications, you can use these crates while traveling in cars or airplanes.

Folding Metal/Wire Dog Crate

The wire pet crate is also known as a folding metal dog crate. These crates are easy to move around because they are foldable. Wire crates are available in several sizes, and all of them have an open wireframe design so that your pup can easily get a view of the surroundings.

In addition, they are all easily cleanable and well-ventilated, and you can put on a soft cushion or extra blanket to make it comfier for your little friend. These crates work best for larger German Shepherds with aggressive chewing habits or other behavioral issues because they are indestructible.

Soft-sided Dog Crate

The dog crates with soft padding are the most comfortable and lightweight, great for traveling. However, these crates are made with soft nylon and mesh material, so they are destructible and not good for heavy chewers or aggressive dogs.

It’s best to use these crates to train small puppies but not large angry dogs.

Wooden/ End Table Crates

End table crates are made with wood, also known as furniture dog crates, and can be used as an elegant piece of furniture in your home decor.

Most testers don’t recommend these crates for training, but it depends on your dog’s nature and behaviors. Unfortunately, these crates are not easily portable.

Heavy-duty Dog Crate

Heavy-duty dog crates are best for large breeds like adult german shepherds, who usually try to destroy their crates during training. These crates with an ultra-strong crate design are made with high-quality, solid materials like steel to make them indestructible and withstand even the strongest dog’s teeth and paws.

This crate is good for large dog training, but you should not use any of these crates to punish your dog’s bad behavior, heavy chewing habits, or anxiety.


Finally, now that we’ve looked at why you need the best size crate for your German Shepherd and talked about their best uses, it will be stress-free to pick one that best suits your dog’s needs.

In addition, your dog will no longer try to escape from the crate if you teach him to like it and see it as his personal space. But it’s recommended to never use a crate for punishment. So, if you use the crate to lock him up every time he misbehaves, it doesn’t work well for his behavior improvements or training purposes. A dog should consider the crate a safe place, and you, as his caring parent, will have to ensure this.

If you want to buy the crates mentioned above, check out our article on the best large dog crates or best dog crates for car travel if you love to travel with your GSD.

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