How to Stop Dog from Destroying Fence?

how to stop dog from destroying fence

However, their dogs can bite, lean, pull, or destroy your fence in any other way. It can become a habit if you don’t start to work on any solutions to stop them. So let’s talk about what to do if your neighbor’s dogs destroy your fence.

We are going to give you some good advice on how to keep your dog from destroying the fence. Dogs can destroy a fence in various ways, but we’ll focus on the three most common. First, your dog can dig it up from below; climb it, or chew your way up and down. As a result, it allows your dog to escape from its yard, which is probably not something you want to happen.

Continue reading this guide to find out why the neighbor’s dogs attack your fence and destroy it, as well as the best possible solutions to prevent their dog’s behavior from destroying the fence.

Reasons Why Dogs Keep Destroying the Fence Lines

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The addition of a new fence enhances and increases the value of our garden. However, it only takes a few days for one of the neighbor’s dogs to completely ruin it. Dogs often destroy fences by scratching, teasing, and biting them. Let’s look at what causes your neighbor’s dogs to destroy your wire fencing.

Fence-related Aggression or Reactivity

Dogs are the most likely to suffer from this problem. They’re making a lot of noise, barking, snarling, and scuffing at the fence in any nearby area.

But that’s okay! Because in any situation where the fence acts as a barrier in front of the dogs, they become more agitated and aggressive. These dogs are often seen as desperately trying to find a way over the fence.

A Fence Can Be a New Challenge for Dogs

Dogs have an unquenchable desire to take on the world when it comes to new challenges. For him, a new fence is a strange and unfamiliar experience. And because they cannot tell who owns the fence, they want to experience your fence’s delightful chewing or scratching. So, they began to tear up and destroy it.

Boredom or Loneliness

There are many reasons a dog may become bored or lonely, including a lack of exercise, being left at home by the owner when he isn’t there, or being an active-type breed that always requires to be involved in some physical activity.

To Get Away

Occasionally, the dog will find it funny to bite or scratch the fence and tear it apart with his growing teeth and sharp toenails. But as we consider the reason, he may be just trying to get away from where he feels bounded or restricted.

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Fighting on the Fence

You could be dealing with an extremely violent situation like this one. Neighboring dogs can become aggressive towards your dog if you have one of your own. But this isn’t just restricted to a dog; it can also be a person, a passing car, or anything else that makes them excited or angry.

As a result, that dog is now a wild creature. So, rather than attempting to fight against the strange object, he begins to cause damage to the fence.

Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your Fence with These Simple Solutions

It’s possible that maybe your pet isn’t digging their way out after all the struggle, but they could be causing damage to your fence in the process.

Follow these simple solutions, and you’ll be able to keep your dog safe and your fence in good shape without making any repairs.

Learn Your Dog’s Habits

Given that dogs have the same amount of energy as a toddler, it’s important to keep an eye on them, especially for those with young puppies who aren’t properly trained.

Some breeds have been bred to be diggers, so they are more likely to cause issues. Keep a close eye on Terriers and Beagles in this category, as they are the most notable.

Create Physical Boundaries with Landscaping

Landscaping improves the aesthetic appeal of your yard and serves as a barrier for your dog. Dogs don’t want to get too close to the fence because there are trees next to it.

These plants and trees also build a spring-ready perimeter, so your lawn will always look its best. You can use wires to keep the dog away from the flowers because they are long-lasting and easy to use.

In addition, metal fences can withstand even the most violent diggers and still maintain their beautiful appearance. 

Block Their Curiosity with Slats

Using a lattice weave to fill in the gaps between the fence is also a great solution to provide some privacy. An added benefit of this privacy fence is that it prevents your dog from taking in any external perception and attractions.

Specialty Fences

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Since the destruction of fences is a common problem, you can repair your fence to make it more difficult for pets or other animals to get through. As a result, you can look for alternatives to traditional fences to minimize the damage caused by dogs.

Chain Link Fence

Because of the metal, it is made of, the dog might not be able to break it, and its sight might scare your pup.

Invisible Fence

An underground chicken wire is used to create an invisible fence around the property. There will be a “beep” from the collar if the pet reaches the boundary line or feels a small harmless shock when he crosses the boundary. Because of these invisible fences, the pup will not attempt to cross the fence’s border.

Vinyl Pvc Fence

Dogs cannot damage a vinyl PVC rail fence because of its durability. A better option is to plant shrubs along the fence’s base to prevent dogs from digging into it and damaging its supportive pillars.

Dog Training Classes

It’s possible that your pet may be suffering from behavioral issues. Because of this, you must invest in some dog training or grooming classes.

If your dog is dealing with separation anxiety or other behavioral issues, it will be much more difficult for you to fix his problem of destroying fences.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

You can use bitter apple cider vinegar along the fence line to see if your dog is prevented from entering the fenced area because dogs do not like bitter apples.

In addition, if you use bitter apple or pup training to stop the dog from chewing on the fence, he will be less likely to do so in the future due to the unpleasant harmless taste of bitter apple.

Citronella Oil

Like a bitter apple, Citronella oil has the same effect on dogs. That’s something that dogs hate. You can either put citronella candles along the fence line or paint citronella oil on the fence. This is a more effective method of keeping your neighbors’ dogs away from your property fence.

Wooden Fence

Solid fences made of wood are also an effective option. The wood fence will be less prone to digging and destruction from your little friend.

Place Large Rocks

You can place the rocks around the perimeter of the fence. After adding rocks to the perimeter fence, your pup will lose interest once he realizes that hard rock is in his way.


The first step in preventing your dog from destroying the fence is to figure out why your neighbor’s dog is acting so destructive along your fence. Talk to the dog owners in a timely fashion if their pet damages your fence.

Because most people can understand what other people are going through. So, they’ll do everything they can to end these kinds of problems.

If that doesn’t work, try covering the fence with bitter apple slices, using citronella candles or oil, or building a chain-link or vinyl rail fence as an alternative.

Now that we’ve talked about why dogs destroy fences and what you can do to prevent your neighbors’ dogs from destroying the fence.

So, if you’re dealing with a problem like this, We are confident that this article will be more helpful to you. You can also check our article if your dog love to jump over the fence or if your fence has some broken wires.

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