7 Best GPS Dog Fences – To Keep Your Pup Protected

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Why do pet owners demand dog fences when they love it to see them happily running?

The doggies are some wandering creatures. They love to roam about and discover the world out there. But the dog owners know the pain when their furry friend jumps the boundary unknowingly. Life becomes tough at a moment when the beloved canine is expected to be in some issue, and you have to find your lost dog.

You should learn about a fence system before you have no one to learn for. If you keep experimenting on your doggie to make him stay with you or inside your house domain, you will lose him. Also, you would never come out of the guilt of harming your beloved if something bad happens to him.

gps dog collar fence

Halo 2+ with Cesar Millan

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The traditional fence is as old as the grandmother’s love tales that need to be revised according to the modern responsibilities. Therefore, the new wireless dog collar fences were introduced, and one of them is the GPS dog fence. This fencing system uses GPS tracking to set a virtual fence and track your dog’s location when he is out of the fence. The wires are dug underground to create a safe playing area for your friend.

Here, we will provide you with a list of the 7 best GPS dog fences to help you select. You can also check the criterion about what to look for while buying such a product. Moreover, the concerned queries are answered here as well.



Product Details

Top Rated

gps wireless dog fence

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainer


Highly Affordable

gps dog fence

WEIZ Gps Wireless Dog Fence System


Smart Fencing

gps dog collar fence

The Halo Collar


Safest Product

wireless gps dog fence

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System


All In One Device

best gps dog fence

Garmin Alpha


International Tracking

geofence dog collar

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker


Not Network Dependant

geo fence for dogs

Dogtra Pathfinder


7 Best GPS Dog Fence

Selecting the best Gps dog fences is important because the wrong fence can become a hellish trap. There are many options to decide from, but “how does one do it” is the main concern?

We have selected the most demanded Gps dog fence system to save you the trouble of ransacking multiple sites. Let’s dive in and choose which GPS fence system is best to keep your dog safe within your sanctuary.

If you are an owner of a hunting dog, these GPS wireless dog fences are the most appropriate option. It is best for canines weighing 8lbs or more.

It has a receiver connected to the dog’s collar and ranges 1 mile. It has a toggle switch and a varying range of static stimulations. It provides remote training to train the pups for multiple purposes with 21 different training levels to yield maximum output.

The SportDOg brand also offers three different e-collars, simple e-collar, camouflage e-collar, and stubborn e-collar, to suit you and your pup’s activity.

geofence dog containment

The e-GPS collar has an operating range of 500 yards. High-end frequencies are employed to create virtual boundaries around your physical fence. The receiver strikes an alarm if your dog steps out of the boundary. The correction is paused automatically after 80 seconds to save the pet if the owner is not there.

The remote transmitter has three different levels of the static system, from high to low. It is also equipped with a button to control the correction’s intensity and the system’s vibration. On the side, there is a small charging jack.

Its capacity to resist water and extended lithium-ion battery timing makes it a durable product. Also, it is submersible to 25 feet, making it a perfect choice for training.

SportDOG- Remote-Trainer

The canines with neck sizes of 5 to 22 inches benefit from this product.


  • Water-resistant and long-lasting battery
  • Frequencies are employed
  • Correction limit of 80 seconds
  • 5 to 22-inch neck size
  • 8 lbs or more
  • three different e-collars and static levels
  • 25 feet submersible
  • lithium-ion battery


  • The pet parents stated that the rechargeable lithium-ion battery was a blessing because they did not have to worry about finding a plug while training.
  • The dog’s collar perfectly fits its neck, and it did not choke or fall.
  • May owners were happy because of its easily operatable and affordable system compared to other fences.
  • The dog carers added that it could be used for training multiple dogs with the same remote simultaneously.


  • According to the GPS dog fence reviews, it was expensive to be bought for a single dog.
  • The pups were unhappy because the system used a shock system to correct the dog with no alternative.

Testers verdict

Our team checked the authenticity of this product, and the best part mentioned is its GPS tracking range. The testers claimed that the dog collar worked smoothly. Moreover, they also mentioned that a long battery timing could also be supported for hunting purposes.

gps wireless dog fence

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainer

The price of “SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainer” varies, so check the latest price at

WEIZ Gps Wireless Dog Fence System is an excellent satellite dog fence that catches satellite signals for knowing your dog’s location. It creates a virtual dog fence with a GPS tracker covering 30-3281 feet and allowing live tracking. It can be used on doggies weighing up to 55 pounds.

Its unique feature is the embedded shock collar to control and train the puppy. The size of the collar can vary according to the neck sizes of the dogs. In addition, the silicon sheath has recently been introduced in the dog’s collar to control the electric shock. The receiver stops for 30 seconds after vibrating for 16 seconds. As a result, the electric shock can be controlled not to harm your dog.

Its properties of being IP65 Dustproof and IP*7 water-resistant increase its overall demand in the market. As a plus point, it is rechargeable.

gps electric dog fence

It has a receiver kept at home, which beeps and vibrates when your dog leaves the virtual fence. And it uses satellite signals and radio signals to track the dog’s location.

This GPS dog fence is affordable and still provides a 2-year system warranty.


  • Real-time tracking
  • 55 pounds.
  • IP65 Dustproof and IP*7 water resistant
  • 30 meters- 3821 feet.


  • The buyers were so satisfied with the option of live tracking because they never lost sight of their little one.
  • The owners were excited to have a collar that fits their pup’s neck.
  • The pet parents were happy to have a rechargeable battery because it let their dog play more.
  • Every owner was thrilled to have such a featured system in an affordable range.


  • Some buyers were not satisfied with the working of this GPS fence.
  • The small dog weighing less than 10 lbs did not stay comfortable in this fence.
  • The buyers complained that these GPS trackers did not work in small areas.

Testers verdict

Our testers claimed its shock collar to be very effective in GPS tracking and reinforcing the animal. Moreover, this wireless dog fence system was perfect in large areas because of its adjustable range.

gps dog fence

WEIZ Gps Wireless Dog Fence System

The price of “WEIZ Gps Wireless Dog Fence System” varies, so check the latest price at

The halo collar is the best smart GPS dog containment system with GPS & GNSS navigation. It is not only a pet GPS dog collar but also has a remote trainer system to keep your active dog safe and free. The advanced training system was devised by Caesar Millan. This system teaches the dogs not to breach the boundary.

smart fence for dogs

It sets the virtual GPS dog fences in your location, and a blow or whistle sound is made to ask the dog to head back. The long-lasting battery makes it a perfect pick for outdoor use, and the trackers continuously track the dogs.

It also functions to track the activities of the dogs to provide maximum benefit. It informs the dog’s location and its safety within and outside the halo fence.

Well, the crux of the biscuit is that the Halo Collar has a mobile app that creates 20 multiple GPS fences. These wireless fences promote the relationship between the active dog and its owner by allowing the rightful freedom.


  • GPS & GNSS navigation
  • long-lasting battery life
  • Activity Tracker
  • 20 GPS dog fences.


  • The owners were happy to have a built-in GPS tracking that guides your dog to stay inside the GPS fence.
  • The parents gave it the best reviews because it informed the dog’s location and safety within and outside the halo fence.
  • The buyers claimed that it was very beneficial because it could track multiple dogs at one time.


  • Some buyers found it unaffordable.

Testers verdict

Our team verified the authenticity of this pet GPS tracker and formulated that it is best to train the dog to stay inside the fence. It also helped their owners monitor their pup’s physical activity and plan for his better health.

gps dog collar fence

Halo 2+ with Cesar Millan

Use Code: CELEBRATE to get $375 off your new Halo Collar

This GPS positioning technology is highly prescribed by the pet company of invisible fence in the training of stubborn dogs. The unique feature of this GPS technology is that, unlike others, it has no underground wires system.

The GPS e-collar can fit the dogs weighing 8 pounds and a little more and neck sizes of 6-28 inches.

Its extended feature is the battery life of two months for increased working.

garmin gps dog fence

The GPS collar has 1 level of tone and 5 levels of static corrections to suit your requirement. In addition, GPS technology creates an invisible fence in the shape of a dome that covers up to 3-4 acres. The GPS collar can be recharged after every 3 weeks.

It creates a vast wireless fence and employs radio frequencies to know your dog’s location. The transmitter controlling these GPS dog fences is put indoors. The GPS tracker sounds an alarm when the dog steps out of the virtual fence.

The waterproof system does not restrict your dog from playing in the rain. It has long-lasting battery life and displays the battery level on the monitor to keep you updated.


The cherry on the top is that no shock is given to your beloved dogs when they go out of the wireless fence. Even with so many features, they offer a portable system and a 1-year warranty to satisfy their customers at every end.


  • battery life of 2 months.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 8 pounds and a little more.
  • 6-28 inch size of the neck


  • The buyers were happy with its water-resistance quality as it let the canine enjoy the bliss of rain.
  • The owners recommended this product for 3 weeks battery timing of collar.
  • This GPS tracking system is portable and can be carried anywhere.


  • Some buyers stated that this GPS wireless dog fence does not work with large or highly active dogs.

Testers Verdict

Our team verified these GPS dog containment systems and claimed that the coverage area is appreciable for an affordable device. The only issue with this GPS dog fence is that it cannot be used on large dogs.

wireless gps dog fence

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

The price of “PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System” varies, so check the latest price at

The Garmin alpha wireless dog fence is known for its GPS and GLONASS tracking system. It also has a rescue mode with different levels of vibrations and tone and topographic maps. It is capable of tracking 20 dogs simultaneously. In addition, the water-repelling GPS dog collar fits dogs of all sizes perfectly.

It has a 65-K color TFT transflective touchscreen and a GPS Tether Lanyard. It is a lightweight, all-in-one GPS technology for tracking a dog and its training. It comes with a manually held TT 15 training system. Garmin alpha measures the speed as well as the location of your pet. It offers 18 levels to set according to your requirement.

The company offers antennas for capturing satellite signals for enjoying vast, invisible dog fences. Almost 1 lac of different US locations from google maps is built-in. It has a built-in map that continuously keeps you aware of your dog’s locations and not only when he crosses the fence. It can track your dog up to 9 miles.

gps dog fence system

You must be worried about the charging system while traveling internationally? You would seem funny carrying the whole charging system with you on a plane or a trip and taking care of it more than yourself. Take a chill pill because it has a portable charger and a storage bag to keep all the accessories in one place. It also has a car adapter if you are traveling by road. But it also has excellent lithium-ion batteries with a battery life of 40 hours, so you would not need any charger so soon.

Like a chef’s kiss, the GPS dog collar comes with multi colors and reflective strips to satisfy you and your dog’s night wandering souls.


  • The collar fits dogs of all sizes.
  • Battery life of 40 hours.
  • car adapter
  • Reflective strips and many colors.


  • The buyers were contended to have 18 levels of static stimulation that can be used as per the requirement.
  • The most important feature listed by the buyers was that the GPS dog collar was harmless.
  • The battery life and the portable charger added to the maximum pleasure of the dog keepers.
  • The owners were thrilled to have such distinguished features with a water resistance quality. So that nothing can stop you from having a full, fun adventure.


  • Some buyers claimed that it was a bit pricey.
  • Another issue was reported in the touch screen that does not go with gloves.
  • The antenna was above the collar, within reach of the pet’s chewing.

Testers Verdict

Our team discovered that after the Halo collar, this GPS technology is best for training more than one dog at the same time. The receiver alerts the owner when the pup neglects the dog fence and sends a signal to the dog to head back. It is also not a burden for the pocket. Overall, this was the best GPS so far.

best gps dog fence

Garmin alpha

The price of “Garmin alpha” varies, so check the latest price at

As the name suggests, this GPS dog fence brand provides the triple active device with international distance tracking in almost 150 countries, live tracking, and monitoring your pup’s physical activity. There is a subscription plan to activate this GPS dog fence.

satellite dog fence

The system creates an extensive GPS dog fence. It provides the history of your dog’s movement and the places he has visited. The system does live tracking and updates the location every 2-3 seconds. The alarm has an audible and pleasant tone. The dog collar is shock-free so that your beloved stays safe.

The battery works for 7 days without charging, and the battery status is displayed on the monitor.

gps for dog

It has built-in lights to help you in the dark and rubber clips for better grip. The product has plenty of options to suit every age and size of canines.


  • Built-in lights
  • low and pleasant alarm sounds
  • for dogs of every age and size.
  • Rubber clips.


  • The buyers liked its long battery life and the extensive dog tracker phenomenon.
  • The system is waterproof and not to be restricted by weather conditions.
  • The owners were happy to have a shock-free GPS dog collar.
  • The fence can be operated with a mobile and a windows app.
  • It tracks multiple dogs simultaneously.


  • Some purchasers said that the subscription plan is costly overall, and the battery timing is less for such splendid functions.

Testers Verdict

The testers were satisfied that this product provides a dependable GPs dog fence when moving out with your pup as it provides a live location. In addition, they were amazed to see that it works well in almost 150 countries so that you can take your dog on international trips with you.

If we argue about the subscription plan for the product, then it is worth the price.

geofence dog collar

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

The price of “Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker” varies, so check the latest price at

This GPS fence is one of Dogtra’s most efficient, reliable, and effective products. A welcome addition is not network-dependent, making it a smart choice for outdoor activities, including hunting. It provides geo-fence. It is best for the doggies weighing 35 lbs or more.

dog geofence

Its unique feature is that the remote can be connected to a smartphone using the phone’s Bluetooth within its range, i.e., 9-mile. The location is updated after every 2 seconds. The remote is easy to use, with only two buttons to operate. It is equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries that last up to 8 hours.

It is used for tracking as well as hunting. Although, it can be switched to hunting-only mode. It has a GPS antenna that uses google maps for tracking and a mic sensor. The system has a zoom-in quality. Pathfinder’s app provides offline maps with no hidden charges. It can be used on 21 canines at the same time.

dog path finder

It possesses a compass and a harmless e-collar. It is waterproof and durable to let the water or mud lover canines enjoy their pleasure.


  • geo fence
  • does not depend upon network
  • connected to the smartphone’s Bluetooth
  • 9-mile range
  • Updated location after every 2 seconds
  • 35 lbs or more.
  • easily operatable remote
  • GPS antenna that uses google maps
  • offline maps
  • tracking and hunting
  • waterproof and durable.


  • The buyers were most happy because they could take multiple dogs with them together.
  • The keepers seem satisfied with their dog’s safety because of the offline map option even when they lose internet.
  • The features of a compass and a harmless e-collar were attractive.
  • The dog lovers were thrilled because the overall characteristics of this product were suitable for taking the pup on adventures.


  • The clients argued that this product is not favorable for everyone’s pocket.
  • Unfortunately, it is not suitable for smaller doggies.

Testers Verdict

Our testers reviewed the product to find out that the hunter canines were so happy with this. It has a vast range that doesn’t bound the doggie, and he can have his required outing. The continuos location update is an impressive feature to stay connected with your loved one.

geo fence for dogs

Halo 2+ with Cesar Millan

The price of “Dogtra Pathfinder” varies, so check the latest price at

What To Look For While Buying a GPS Dog Fence?

Choose a system that can update your pet’s location every 2-3 seconds so you would never lose track. It would be highly unwise to select a product that is not rechargeable or has low battery storage.

The Space You Have

You should select the fence according to your yard. If you live in a small house, there is no need to give an extra amount for a product of a vast range. Also, it would help if you considered the traffic or prohibited area and set your range according to that.

The Age and Size of Your Dog

Some fences work on a small age dog; some will be designed for larger canines, while others will work. You should check this out on the product’s description while buying it for your dog. You must consider the size and weight of the collar before buying it for your dog. Not every collar is suitable for every type of dog.

Shock System and Alert Sounds

The correction system of the GPS collar is meant to train a dog never to cross boundaries. The shock level must be lowered, so your pup is not harmed. The Gps fences that harm an animal are of no benefit to you. Also, select a product that has an audible alert sound.

Which Dog Needs Training?

You should know if your pet is too young or too old for the training. GPS training is never suitable for younger dogs without any basic training.

Type of GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Some products are best for sports or hunting dogs, like SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainer. While some are best for pet dogs, like the Petfon pet GPS tracker. So choose the product for your dog after going through the full product description.


Such a system uses GPS, satellite, or radio signals to track your dog and train him. Furthermore, some systems have advanced features for monitoring the animal’s physical activity and speed.

The pricing of the products varies a lot. The above list has mentioned low to high-cost products. The features will be different according to the price, and that gives you a choice to select the best GPS dog fence in the set budget with the required demands.

Yes, the correction system is safe only when used correctly. Every system has the option to vary the intensity level of the shock.

The products usually come with a manual to install these with ease. If you can still not understand the guide, you can go for a youtube video tutorial. But overall, all the fences are easy to install.


The GPS fencing system is effective in protecting and training your pet. They come with multiple services and price ranges, giving you a great room to choose the best one. But, you should never choose a product without knowing about your pet’s age, size, and requirements, and you must always read the product description.

The shock collars must be dealt with care; otherwise, you may harm your pet instead of keeping him safe.

Besides GPS fencing, an electric dog fence system and underground dog fence systems are also easy. You may find about these in our other articles.

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